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Question: Can users change their passwords in caArray?

Topic: Installation and Upgrade

Release: caArray 2.4.0

Date entered: 04/20/2011


Users cannot change their passwords in the caArray application, since caArray uses a separate User Provisioning Tool (UPT) for user management. All user account management has to be done in the UPT application.

UPT can either use database authentication or LDAP authentication to manage the users:

Using Database Authentication

If UPT uses database authentication, then the username and password are stored locally in the CSM tables of caArray. Only a user with the system administrator role can use UPT to create and edit user accounts.

Using LDAP Authentication

Presently, UPT/caArray only supports openLDAP. Active Directory LDAP is not supported by UPT/caArray. If UPT uses openLDAP for authentication, then the same username that is listed in the LDAP has to be entered into the UPT (exactly as it is in LDAP). caArray users could change their passwords in openLDAP and then the password will be automatically changed for caArray.

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