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Question: UPT was installed successfully but I could not log in as the super user to set up caArray. Why?

Topic: caArray and UPT Integration

Release: caArray 2.0 and above

Date entered: 06/26/2011


A related Knowledgebase article caArray 003 - Creating a caArray user with UPT describes the steps to log into UPT as super admin and create caArray admin user. In "Step 1" under "Create caArray Application with UPT", the user is advised to enter "superadmin" as the user name.

"superadmin" should be used only if the user did not change the value for the "super.admin.user" variable in the UPT file (because it is the default value). If the user changed the value to "root", for example, then "root" should be used as the user name in "Step 1" in the caArray 003 - Creating a caArray user with UPT article.

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