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Problem: I'm having trouble with the caArray GUI installer. Could the problem be due to the lack of an Internet connection on the machine where I'm installing caArray?

Topic: caArray Installation and Upgrade

Release: caArray 2.0 and above

Date entered: 01/10/2012


As of v2.4.1, the caArray GUI installer no longer relies on an Internet connection. If you are certain your Internet connection is working and you still can not install caArray v2.4.1 or above, please refer to our series of FAQs and in-depth articles on caArray installation and upgrade to troubleshoot the installation process.

Versions of caArray prior to v2.4.1 (including 2.4.0) still rely on a working Internet connection during the installation process. If you have difficulty installing these older versions and have exhausted other troubleshooting options, please consult with your network or system administrator to troubleshoot your Internet connection. 

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