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The query parameter for the "model" attribute is a "Like" query with a wildcard to the right (as in '<model>%%'). Therefore, "PCOR" finds "PCORNet CDM 4.0" and "CRDC" finds "All CRDC Standard Data Elements". Models are currently represented in caDSR using a Classification Scheme. The Classification Scheme Name is the Model Name. The Classification Scheme Version represents the specific version of the Model. The Table names in the Model are represented using a Classification Scheme Item Name and Version. CDEs are classified by one or more Classification Scheme/Classification Scheme Item, so the same CDE can be in one or more models.

The returned content is our first pass at what end users wanted to know. We can add additional information about the CDEs into the APIs based on customer requirements, as long as the information is registered in caDSR. 

In these APIs, mappings between CDEs are based on common semantic annotations that are used when creating the CDEs. The annotations are made using NCI Thesaurus Concepts Codes instead of direct model-model, CDE-CDE mappings. For future expansion of these capabilities, we are investigating the addition of more complex mappings that are not solely based on 1-1 semantics.

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