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If you have a OneData user account, you can download a collection.

  1. Search for the collection of interest, as described in Searching for Collections. The system lists all collections that match your criteria.

    The edit icon in a list of collections.

  2. Click the edit icon for the collection you want to request. A tree view and information panel appear. 

    The Request Download Generation option on the Download Collection Commands menu.

  3. Select Download Collection Command > Request Download Generation. The system updates the Date/Time Last Requested for the current collection.

    The Download Collection page with the request timestamp.

    After the system generates your file, the system attaches that file to your collection. To refresh the information panel, click the collection name (or click Display Values and then click the edit icon again). The system updates the Date/Time Latest File Attached for the current collection and attaches the generated file. 

    The Download Collection page with the file attached.

  4. Click the icon next to the Download File name. The system prompts you to save it. (If this does not work, click Display Values again to display the search results list of collections. Scroll over to the Download File column and click the file name.) 

  5. If you specified an address in the Recipient Email field for your collection, check the inbox for that email address. Depending on the type of collection, the email message contains information about the attached file. For example, if the download was a RAVE ALS, it includes the following items:

    • Collection name

    • Collection ID

    • Component type

    • RAVE user data string (PV or PVM)

    • Name of the user who sent it to you

    • ALS file as an attachment

    For instructions on importing an ALS file into RAVE using Architect Loader, refer to RAVE instructions for uploading files into Architect Loader. (TBD: I'd like to make this into a link. Do we have a URL for "Architect Loader"?)

  6. You can save the file to your computer.  (If you have trouble with this, it may be due to the file name being too long. Try shortening the file name or saving it to a folder on your computer with a short folder path.) 

If you have any issues with loading the file into your RAVE system, contact the person who sent you the file or contact the NCI Applications Support desk at

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