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You can try the caDSR APIs to search for caDSR data by entering a URL in the address bar of a browser and passing parameters in that URL. This page provides examples to get you started. 

A URL in caDSR II format returns HTML, XML, or JSON. Using the API, you can allow an application to connect to caDSR and search the database. The caDSR II Domain Class Browser page is a web browser interface that allows you to test the caDSR II API.

You can display any of these formats (HTML, XML, or JSON) in an Internet browser by changing the parameter (GetHTML, GetXML, or GetJSON). 

Multiple AND IN Note

You cannot enter multiple "and" or "in" values for search criteria when using the REST (XML-HTTP) API.

If you have trouble using any URL on this page in your Internet browser, copy and paste it into a Google Chrome browser before contacting Application Support (

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