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caDSR Sprint 1.20 Release Notes
November 1, 2021


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Change Management: Update Last Modified Date and Modified By User - Forms.DSRMWS-1026
Change Management: Forms Allow user to see Trigger Actions.DSRMWS-1095
Change Management: Show CSI full path when viewing item classifications.DSRMWS-1118
API: Add ability to GetJSON.DSRMWS-1141
Change Management: Add New Module WFS should be DRAFT NEW.DSRMWS-1175
Change Management: When create new Rep Term in OneData, hook should set Rep Term Qualifier concept "Primary?" field to No.DSRMWS-1178
UI Changes: Forms: Provide a flattened view of Forms.DSRMWS-1198
Change Management: Forms Answer is Mandatory and Answer is Editable in new question.DSRMWS-1214
Change Management: Forms: Allow editing Display Order in Edit Multiple for Reordering elements.DSRMWS-1216
Data Migration: Form: Answer is Editable and Answer is Mandatory in migration.DSRMWS-1217
UI Change: NCIDE: Add Date Created and Date Last Modified to the Filter.DSRMWS-1223
Change Management: CS WFS and RS LOVs inconsistent/incorrect.DSRMWS-1225
Change Management: Make Concept Definition editable in AI Tool.DSRMWS-1226
UI: AI_NCIDE_Should hide search field "Owner Context?" in Used By child filter.DSRMWS-1227
Form: Fail to add Question Using CDE ID when CDE is non-Enumerated and not in the User Cart.DSRMWS-1229
Change Management: NCIDE: the Date Last Modified and Modified By in Admin Info part are incorrect after AI is edited in OneData.DSRMWS-1231
Change Management: Create PV/VM Hook: Specify Existing VM popup fields and order.DSRMWS-1232
UI Changes: AI Tool: the popup in the child filter "+ Module Attributes" should display Module only.DSRMWS-1233
Change Management: Create Module: Hide Module Short Name.DSRMWS-1237
UI Changes: DEMaint: Hide "CDE Long Name" column on Forms/Modules node.DSRMWS-1238
Search: Data Element View/Browse Search Owned By and Used By.DSRMWS-1239
Loading: Designation Loading Script changes alt_nms.CNTXT_NM_DN to have wrong data.DSRMWS-1242
ALS: Download Collection "Generate Download" throws exception on Pre-Prod tier.DSRMWS-1243
ALS: Download Collection Details: Make Component Type column shorter.DSRMWS-1244
Change Management: Wrong OC/Property short name was created when Concept Name concatenation longer than 30 characters.DSRMWS-1245
Change Management: Create VD Hook generates wrong VD Long Name/Def when matching migrated Rep Term was found and it has integer value.DSRMWS-1246
Change Management: Bulk Update Value Domain Attributes: Add filter for Latest Version.DSRMWS-1249
UI Changes: Bulk Update Value Domain Attributes Filters.DSRMWS-1250
Change Management: Restrict selection of CDEs for Forms by WFS/RS.DSRMWS-1251
Download: Download Collection UI Issues with display of Row Count.DSRMWS-1252
ALS: Download Collection Performance Issue.DSRMWS-1253
Download Collection: Provide a way to cancel a download request.DSRMWS-1255
ALS: Formatting errors for FormOIDs.DSRMWS-1256
ALS: Formatting errors for Fields.DSRMWS-1258
ALS: Formatting errors for DataDictionary Names.DSRMWS-1259
UI Changes: AI Tool: remove extra field from Reference Documents and Alt Name detail page.DSRMWS-1260
UI Changes: All CDE Alt Name nodes sorting order.DSRMWS-1261
Cart: Add a feature to "Add All".DSRMWS-1263
UI Change: Remove items from the Download Collection type list that are not implemented.DSRMWS-1265
UI Changes: Remove Form Details from the flattened view.DSRMWS-1267
UI Change: Forms: Add WFS and RS to the CDEs on Forms.DSRMWS-1268
UI Change: Forms: 8. Modules, Questions, Valid Values shows incorrect row count.DSRMWS-1269
UI Change: Change to Download Collection Success message after adding to Collection Using Public ID.DSRMWS-1270
UI Change: Form: Display Form identifying in the label on Form node.DSRMWS-1271
ALS: Download Collection with large set of Values GD Overhead Limit Error on Stage.DSRMWS-1272
UI Change: Value Domain Maintenance - remove the Value Domain name from the Permissible Values grid.DSRMWS-1273
UI Changes: typo in Create New RAVE ALS Collection screen.DSRMWS-1274
UI Change: Forms: Add Valid Value Display Order and Question Short Name to the Flattened View of Forms.DSRMWS-1279
ALS: Multiple Forms, not creating all the Data Dictionaries when PV is selected.DSRMWS-1280
ALS: Use Question Short Name for Field OID or CDE Short Name if null.DSRMWS-1281
Download Collection: Download Collection Header isn't saving Audit Comments.DSRMWS-1282
ALS: Download with two versions of same form - Errors.DSRMWS-1283
Security Framework: Create new Role for user: Download Collection Curator.DSRMWS-1284
Download Collection: Timestamps are not the same for GeneratedFile name and "Last Attached".DSRMWS-1287
Change Management: Forms and Download: Add a command to "Add All" from the user Cart and add a row count.DSRMWS-1288
Change Management: Forms Delete Hierarchy for Questions throws error when the form was created by hook "Create from Existing".DSRMWS-1289
Security Framework: Update Guest / Browser Role.DSRMWS-1290
ALS: provide a progress bar for generating download.DSRMWS-1292
ALS: RAVE errors Duplicate PV throws warning in RAVE.DSRMWS-1293
ALS: Duplicate CDE Short name causing duplicate FieldOID/VariableOID.DSRMWS-1295
ALS: RAVE Error Duplicate PV/CodedData causes error in RAVE.DSRMWS-1296
Search: Data Element View/Browse Error opening Permissible Values for CDE 7648587.DSRMWS-1297
Change Management: Add Question: Add row count to UI header.DSRMWS-1298
UI Change: Hook Command Label Cleanup.DSRMWS-1299
Change Management: Fail to create new Module on DEV tier only.DSRMWS-1300
ALS: FormOID must be unique.DSRMWS-1301
Change Management: Forms: Display Module first by Display Order, then by Module Name.DSRMWS-1303
Change Management: Forms: Remove "Add All" from Add Question Using CDE ID hook.DSRMWS-1304
Change Management: Edit VM should display the VM Concepts.DSRMWS-1307
Security Framework: Prod Tier: Forgot Password and System Admin password reset does not send email.DSRMWS-1309
UI Change: Forms: Add Latest Version Filter.DSRMWS-1310
ALS: DataDictionaryName Missing on DataDictionary Tab.DSRMWS-1313
Search: Searching AI Tool using Multiple Public IDs does not work for Forms.DSRMWS-1314
Change Management: Problems found on QA tier in Sprint 1.20 Testing.DSRMWS-1315
ALS: Access denied error on QA tier Sprint 1.20.DSRMWS-1316
Change Management: Compare CDE function is broken in Sprint 1.20.DSRMWS-1318
Change Management: AI: Data Element Details node cannot open detail page.DSRMWS-1319
UI Change: Update Guest Account to revise Roles so Guest User Cart displays as Favorites.DSRMWS-1326
UI Changes: VD Maintenance Item Type is displaying on in Search Filter.DSRMWS-1331
API: Current caDSR API users CTSU Open requirements.DSRMWS-4
Search: CDE Match: Show potentially matching CDEs from Uploaded User Spreadsheet (Ptolemy).DSRMWS-887
API: Create APIs to retrieve Forms for NMDP.DSRMWS-998

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Download Collection > Add Components using Public IDsErrors: String Buffer too small when pasting in a long list of Form Public IDs.
  • Option 1: Put the CDEs into your User Cart and "Add Components from Cart"
  • Option 2: Paste a list of 16 public ids separated by spaces and click "Add". This can be repeated as many times as needed.
Download Collection > Request Download GenerationDate/Time Latest File Attached doesn't automatically update.Click on the Download Collection Header in the tree to refresh the date and see the attached ALS file.DSRMWS-1337
Download Collection > Request Download GenerationEmail for "Legacy Form Builder Excel Format" and "ALS" download collection are inconsistent.The ASL Collection email contains the User ID of the person who generated the file, the Legacy Form Builder Excel email contains the user name.DSRMWS-1264
ALS FormatGenerating collections of CDEs doesn't work. (No Workaround.)DSRMWS-1311
ALS FormatFieldOID is visible after loading form into RAVE.Field level isRequired should be set based on Question isMandatory, and FormOID should be set to "isVisible = False".DSRMWS-1334
ALS FormatDuplicate codedData values in a DataDictionary cause errors when loading into RAVE. When duplicate values are found, create an entry in the Field's DataDictionary for the first one, ignore the rest. DSRMWS-1340
ALS FormatDownload Collection UAT Documentation does not match Sprint 1.20 UIs.(No Workaround.)DSRMWS-1230
ALS FormatThe value for isRequired is incorrect.Manually edit ALS after loading.DSRMWS-1333
ALS FormatForms with a Trademark or Copyright symbol are not being escaped properly in Form Name and cause an errors in upload into RAVE.Manually edit ALS or Form to remove symbol.DSRMWS-1294

Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021

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