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caDSR Sprint 1.21 Release Notes
November 15, 2021


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALS: Add Question isMandatory flag to Form ALS query DSRMWS-1334
ALS: Change handling of duplicate ValidValues for DataDictionaryEntriesDSRMWS-1340
ALS: Deleted CDE from a form still on the ALS DownloadDSRMWS-1352
ALS: Download Collection Wiki and UAT DocumentationDSRMWS-1230
ALS: Fixes to Fields tab IsRequired and IsVisible DSRMWS-1333
Change Management: Add ability to see Character Count to Short and Long Name in AI, DE and VD MaingDSRMWS-1240
Change Management: Allow curator to create VM Standalone and Edit VM DuplicatesDSRMWS-1200
Change Management: Allow curator to edit PV/VM Associations to create DuplicatesDSRMWS-1308
Change Management: Create a feature to "Create Form from Existing" Blobs not copied - SAGGSDSRMWS-1068
Change Management: Create DEC hook fail to find existing OC/Property if the OC/Property is created in OneData and concept name concatenation is longer than 30 charactersDSRMWS-1322
Change Management: Create Module Hook - Hide Mod DefinitionDSRMWS-1332
Change Management: Create VD and Create DEC no longer saves user specified long nameDSRMWS-1305
Change Management: Create VM hook: Remove VM Item ID Found and VM Version Found fieldsDSRMWS-1353
Change Management: Data Element Maintenance and AI Tool error if try to associate a retired DEC or VD with a Released CDEDSRMWS-1302
Change Management: Fail to create Form New Version for Form 3059592v1.0DSRMWS-1010
Change Management: Form: Fail to create new Form Version or create new Form from Existing when Form has RepetitionDSRMWS-1317
Change Management: Forms: Restrict adding Retired CDEs as QuestionsDSRMWS-1241
Change Management: HIDE: Set as Latest Version creates wrong data if user selects multiple versions of the same formDSRMWS-1321
Change Management: Problems found in Sprint 1.21 TestingDSRMWS-1350
Data Migration: Migration of Module Display Order handling of Duplicate DODSRMWS-1275
Data Migration: Update MWS Data Dictionary and caDSR 2 MDR MappingDSRMWS-28
Data Verification: Review summary of differences from CompareDSRMWS-1208
Documentation: Please create a caDSR II Release Notes page in WikiDSRMWS-1349
Download Collection: String Buffer too small Error when pasting in a list of Form Public IDsDSRMWS-1312
Download: Create test data for ALS testingDSRMWS-862
Download: Make Download Collection email format consistentDSRMWS-1264
Downloads: Customer Form Download in Excel DSRMWS-713
Search: Make the "additional search criteria" an exact match searchDSRMWS-1329
Security Framework: ADMIN account shows two "Delete Item" commands for Download CollectionDSRMWS-1323
UI Change: Data Element Maint and AI Tool: Add Context to Forms associated with CDEDSRMWS-1338
UI Change: Remove ADMIN ITEM TYP ID Caption for User Cart DSRMWS-1328
UI Changes: Add drop down for new type: Form Download in MDF formatDSRMWS-1276
UI Changes: Administered Items Tool: should hide Internal ID field when creating Alt Definition and Alt NameDSRMWS-1364
UI Changes: Make change to Edit PV/VM Association Caption in AI Tool and VD MaintenaceDSRMWS-1368
UI Changes: Make Node and Grid for Owned By or Used By Context consistent in DE Maint and AI ToolDSRMWS-1357

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Change ManagementForms: Hide Create Stand-Alone Module Hook command(TBD)DSRMWS-1336

Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021

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