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caDSR Sprint 1.22 Release Notes
December 14, 2021


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Download: Create test data for ALS testing.DSRMWS-862
Downloads: Customer Form Download in Microsoft Excel.DSRMWS-713
Download: Changes to search Filters - Consistency.DSRMWS-1414
ALS: CRFDraft.DraftName should not include the collection ID.DSRMWS-1402
Cart: Items not removed from user cart.DSRMWS-1400
Change Management: Forms: Protocol should not be a required field in Create Form from Existing Hook.DSRMWS-1399
UI Changes: Remove "test" from the hover text in Admin Tool.DSRMWS-1395
Change Management: AI Tool Data Element Maintenance_OOTB Edit CDE should prevent create duplicate CDE.DSRMWS-1394
UI Changes: Pre-PROD tier only: Forms: Created By field is displayed at wrong place for Guest User.DSRMWS-1392
Data Migration: CD WFS is not correct after data migration. Retired Deleted instead of Retired Archived.DSRMWS-1389
UI Changes: Data Element Maintenance: Should hide Internal ID field when creating Alt Definition.DSRMWS-1386
Download: ALS_"Add All" function broke in Sprint 1.21.DSRMWS-1378
Change Management: Create PV/VM Hook: Should allow to create duplicate VM without concept.DSRMWS-1373
UI Changes: Admin Item Tool: + Modules filter mapped incorrectly.DSRMWS-1371
UI Change: Forms: Add Date Created and Date Last Modified with ability to set a RANGE to the filter for Forms.DSRMWS-1365
UI Changes: CDE Data Element Maintenance and DE View Browse 5/9 Derived Component Display changes.DSRMWS-1363
Loading: Import of all NCI Thesaurus Concepts Performance Issue.DSRMWS-1362
Change Management: Forms: CDEs added to Module twice.DSRMWS-1360
Download: Add ability to save Audit Comments when making changes to the Download Details.DSRMWS-1359
Change Management: Edit DEC and Edit VD do not save Manually-Curated user specified name.DSRMWS-1358
ALS: CDE Download bugs.DSRMWS-1356
ALS: CDE Download generated file name does not follow naming convention.DSRMWS-1355
API: Create HTML for CTSU JSON Flattened Form.DSRMWS-1345
Download: Display Success Message when Adding CDEs and Forms to Collection from Cart.DSRMWS-1324
ALS: Trademark is not being escaped properly in Form Name in ALS download - SAGGS.DSRMWS-1294
UI Changes: Add drop down for new type: Form Download in MDF format.DSRMWS-1276
Downloads: Customer Form Download in new MDR Microsoft Excel.DSRMWS-1247
Change Management: Create CDE: Please add a warning when there is a duplicate,DSRMWS-1236
Cart: Scheduler needs to clean up the Guest Cart.DSRMWS-1235
Data Migration: Establish an efficient process for Daily Migration.DSRMWS-1234
Change Management: Allow curator to create VM Standalone and Edit VM Duplicates.DSRMWS-1200
UI: Sorting by column doesn't display menu correctly in OneData Template 5 - SAGGS.DSRMWS-1150

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
DownloadCannot delete item from Collection ID 1840. This occurs if the included item has been retired after the Collection was created.Won't fix. Create a new Collection and then delete the original one.


Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021
Sprint 1.22December 14, 2021

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