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caDSR Sprint 1.24 Release Notes
February 3, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
API: Add new PV API package to portal and test harness.DSRMWS-1454
API: Create GetHTML() for CTSU JSON Flattened Form.DSRMWS-1415
API: We need an API that will take a CDE identifier and return permissible value information.DSRMWS-200
APIs: NC3 CDMH NCATS APIs - Use Case 2 - Get Target Data Element PVs.DSRMWS-1466
Cart: Need the ability to add VD and DEC to User Cart.DSRMWS-1471
Change Management: Ability to bulk create PV/VM with VM having multiple concepts.DSRMWS-912
Change Management: AI Tool Reassign Context hook throw SQL Exception when user select "All" to reassign and there is duplicate found in destination context.DSRMWS-1468
Change Management: Expand Concept Search to include Alternate/Synonyms names.DSRMWS-1335
Change Management: Forms: Improve Workflow for Setting Repetitions Default Values.DSRMWS-1447
Change Management: Make New Form Name required for New from Existing.DSRMWS-1433
Change Management: Module WFS - Update list of allowed values.DSRMWS-1390
Change Management: Problems found in Sprint 1.24 Testing.DSRMWS-1522
Download: Add validation check for Collection Name to avoid file names too long.DSRMWS-1404
Download: Add Workflow Status and Registration Status to Download Detail Grid View.DSRMWS-1509
Download: Expose VD and DEC Legacy Excel Download.DSRMWS-1487
Download: Remove Component type and change Form MDF to Form Excel.DSRMWS-1408
Loading: Bulk load DEC.DSRMWS-1382
Loading: Bulk load VD.DSRMWS-1383
Search: CDE Match: Show potentially matching CDEs from Uploaded User Spreadsheet (Ptolemy).DSRMWS-887
UI Change: Forms CO: Make "Instructions" field displayed in child filter "9. Triggered Action".DSRMWS-1504
UI Change: Make Permissible Value node for CDEs in Administered Items Tool consistent with CDE View/Browse and DE Maint object.DSRMWS-1461
UI Change: Provide a View Only CD for Conceptual Domains.DSRMWS-1445
UI Changes: Administered Item Tool: Clean up unneeded child filters.DSRMWS-1486
UI Changes: AI Tool: Add CS Context field in the *Classification child filter.DSRMWS-1472
UI Changes: AI: Change popup label from "Module Name" to "Module" in child filter Modules Attributes.DSRMWS-1507
UI Changes: Data Element Maintenance/Value Domain Maintenance/Data Elements-View-Browse: Hide unwanted child filters.DSRMWS-1474
UI Changes: Data Elements - View/Browse CO: User cannot see Reference Documents Blobs.DSRMWS-1430
UI Changes: Forms CO: hide all the fields in child filters if the filter name is not started with a number.DSRMWS-1473
UI Changes: Forms: Hide Form Name, ID, Version, WFS, Reg Status on Modules node. DSRMWS-1459
UI Changes: Make context field a popup instead of drop down in Alternate Definitions child filter.DSRMWS-1505
UI Changes: Spaces in Module Name Filter Popup.DSRMWS-1406
UI: Add Legacy VD Excel, Legacy DEC Excel, and Legacy CDE Browser XML as download options.DSRMWS-1442

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALS: Change CRFDraft.DeleteExisting to "FALSE".DSRMWS-1511
ALS: Trailing "_" in Form OID needs trimming.DSRMWS-1489
Cart: Should only add allowed types of Item to be added into Cart.DSRMWS-1497
Change Management: Classification Management: Edit CSI hook should display CSI WFS, Reg Status, and so on.DSRMWS-1500
Change Management: DE Maintenance and VD Maintenance: Manually-curated Alternate Definition is displayed but Type field is empty.DSRMWS-1463
Change Management: DEC Import CO may fail to find existing DEC if the Concept matches to multiple OC or Property.DSRMWS-1494
Change Management: Forms Repetitions and Default Value issues.DSRMWS-1440
Change Management: Forms: Do not allow delete Form if it is Latest Version.DSRMWS-1475
Change Management: Problem with Edit/Move CSI hook.DSRMWS-1375
Change Management: PV Parent Concept is not displayed in AI/CDEMaint/VDMaint/CDE View-Browse.DSRMWS-1462
Data Migration: Create a new Dump of Prod caDSR Content.DSRMWS-145
Download Collection: Issues in child filter "Download Detail".DSRMWS-1496
Download: Add Collection ID to the "Success Message".DSRMWS-1464
Download: File attached to Collection will not Download when clicked, throws error.DSRMWS-1490
Download: Legacy CDE Excel email fixes.DSRMWS-1480
Download: Legacy CDE Excel file name incorrect.DSRMWS-1460
Search: Performance issue when searching by child filter Classifications CS Context, CS Long Name field.DSRMWS-1167
UI Changes: AI: Protocol popup issues in child filter Protocol Properties. DSRMWS-1508

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Change Management: FormsAfter deleting questions and adding new ones, Display Order is wrong.Choose the Module and select Module command to "Reorder Questions".DSRMWS-1361
Search: NCI Data ElementNeed a COPY of the NCI Data Element browse Object for Public User.(None.) DSRMWS-652

Known Issues Found in Sprint 1.24 Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint 1.24 testing.

FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number
Bulk LoadingBulk Load DEC FixesDSRMWS-1510
Bulk LoadingFixes to CDE MatchDSRMWS-1533
Bulk LoadingFixes to PV/VM ImportDSRMWS-1516
Bulk LoadingFixes to VD ImportDSRMWS-1530
Change ManagementCS Definition should be a required field in Create CS hookDSRMWS-1528 
Change ManagementEdit/Move CSI Hook should not change CSI contextDSRMWS-1523
Change Management: FormsIssue with Remove Default Value hook. Minor improvementDSRMWS-1527
Change Management: FormsSet Non-Enumerated Default Hook should not be allowed to use on Enumerated QuestionsDSRMWS-1526
Change Management: FormsUI show error when restore a deleted Form. Trivial issueDSRMWS-1524
Change Management: Forms Provide the ability to delete multiple Repetitions at a time. Reopened after testing. Sometimes got NullPointerException.DSRMWS-1429

Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021
Sprint 1.22December 14, 2021
Sprint 1.23January 11, 2022
Sprint 1.24February 3, 2022

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