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caDSR Sprint 1.25 Release Notes
February 17, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Download: Form Download in new Form Excel. DSRMWS-1247
Change Management: Forms/CS/CSI: When a Form is classified, optionally add CS/CSI for referenced CDE.DSRMWS-1449
Search: Add Value Domain Type to Data Element Child Filter in AI Tool for DEC and VD attributes.DSRMWS-1503
ALS: Summary of Requirements for ALS. DSRMWS-1512
Bulk Load: Fixes to PV/VM import in Sprint 1.25.DSRMWS-1516
Bulk Load: CDE Match: Add Comments column.DSRMWS-1518
Change Management: Ability to import an alternate name for the VM during PV/VM import.DSRMWS-1519
Change Management: Forms: Set Non-Enumerated Default Hook should not be allowed to use on Enumerated Questions.DSRMWS-1526
Change Management: Forms: Remove Default Value hook should work for both Enumerated and non-Enumerated questions.DSRMWS-1527
Download: Update Wiki Download Collection documentation and Screenshots.DSRMWS-1531
UI Change: Change Caption in Create CDE hook to upper Case "Derivation Method".DSRMWS-1532
Bulk Load: Fixes to CDE Match for Sprint 1.25.DSRMWS-1533
Download: Document Table/Column for each ALS Field exported from caDSR.DSRMWS-1536
Change Management: Move/Remove Reclassify/Unclassify from AI Commands to Classification Management.DSRMWS-1538
Change Management: Restrict use of AI Command Reassign Context.DSRMWS-1539
UI Change: Changes to the Conceptual Domain View Browse Filter.DSRMWS-1540
Change Management: Problems found in Sprint 1.25 Testing.DSRMWS-1550

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Compare: System throws an Error in Data Element View/Browser for compare PV.DSRMWS-1502
Bulk Load: DEC Import Fixes for Sprint 1.25.DSRMWS-1510
Change Management: Edit/Move CSI Hook should not change CSI context.DSRMWS-1523
UI Change: AI: should show default Language "English" when insert a new Alt Def or Name.DSRMWS-1525
Change Management: CS Definition should be a required field in Create CS hook.DSRMWS-1528
Bulk Load: Fixes to VD Import.DSRMWS-1530
Loading: Get OneDataHookException when click Save in DEC Import.DSRMWS-1552
Loading: CDE Match: Get exception when try to open "Matched CDEs" node on QA tier.DSRMWS-1563

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
DownloadForm Download in Legacy XML Format.(None)DSRMWS-1248
Change ManagementCreate/Edit VM hooks: Concept Source Type is not displayed in Duplicate section if Duplicate VM is created on the same day.(None)DSRMWS-1401

Known Issues Found in Sprint 1.25 Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint 1.25 testing.

FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number
Change ManagementAdd ability to Version Classification Scheme (CS).DSRMWS-1485
Cart"Add to Cart Using ID" should be able to add VDs/DECs into Cart by ID. Reopened tracker after testing. Failed both on DEV and QA.DSRMWS-1498
Change ManagementIn DE Maintenance show warning if WFS is changed to Released and DEC or VD are not. Reopened tracker after testing.DSRMWS-1535
UI ChangeFlattened view 8.2 show Rep 0 and reorder default sort.DSRMWS-1544
Bulk Load VD: Multiple Rep Term Concepts causes failure.DSRMWS-1556
Bulk LoadDEC/VD Import - should allow user to change concepts on UI after loading.DSRMWS-1557
Security Framework Forms: Guest user should be able to see Node 8.2.DSRMWS-1558
Change ManagementSelect CS Latest Version doesn't change CSI latest version flag. DSRMWS-1561
UI Change AI: "+ Classification Scheme Item Attributes" section is missing.DSRMWS-1562
Bulk LoadDEC Import Fixes for Sprint 1.26.DSRMWS-1553
Bulk Load CDE Match: Matching to VM fail if the VD or the PV/VM is created in OneData.DSRMWS-1566
LoadingCDE Match: Run Match throws exception when input Column Name has single quote. Low priority.DSRMWS-1567
Change ManagementVD Rep Term, Rep Term Standalone, DEC OC and Prop Concept Popup, Edit VM, Change PV/VM association, Create VM Concept concept Popup - change to use Concept + SynonymDSRMWS-1550
Bulk LoadPV/VM import changes for Sprint 1.27DSRMWS-1577 

Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021
Sprint 1.22December 14, 2021
Sprint 1.23January 11, 2022
Sprint 1.24February 3, 2022
Sprint 1.25February 17, 2022

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