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caDSR Sprint Release Notes
July 28, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Bulk Load: Create a VM Match feature for matching VMs to NCIt Concepts.DSRMWS-1943
Bulk Load: Designate Import Template Changes Curator Feedback from Sprint 32.DSRMWS-1924
Bulk Load: PV/VM Import add Additional Validation check for Duplicates. DSRMWS-1629
Bulk Load: PV/VM Template Changes Curator Feedback from Sprint 32.DSRMWS-1920
Change Management: Create CDE Hook and OOTB Edit CDE: add Warning Message for DEC/VD WFS.DSRMWS-1706
Change Management: Create DEC from Existing: Reduce options for "Validate" "Create" when creating new DEC.DSRMWS-1892
Change Management: Create DEC: Reduce options for "Validate" "Create" when creating new DEC.DSRMWS-1890
Change Management: Create Rep Term: Reduce options for "Validate" "Create" when creating new Rep Term.DSRMWS-1891
Download Collection: Legacy CDE Excel Download: Derivation Components information is not downloaded.DSRMWS-1933
Download Collection: Add ability to add items to collection by searching using item Name.DSRMWS-1628
OOTB: Delivery Options for AI tool Value Meaning, Associated CDEs does not download CDEs.DSRMWS-1950
Search: Additional Search Criteria Child Filter: Add ability to restrict search to "Definition".DSRMWS-1969
Search: Browse Forms using Classification Scheme / CSI - View only - Super Curators. DSRMWS-1074
Search: Add Browse CDEs by Data Element Concept to Form Builder Role.DSRMWS-2015
UI Change: Admin Item Tool enhancement to Display Public ID, Version, and Item type at top level of tree when viewing the item.DSRMWS-1704
UI Change: Data Element View/Browse: Add new node 2.1 Value Domain Alternate Names.DSRMWS-1935
UI Changes: Create a Read Only object for NCI Standard CRFs.DSRMWS-1911
UI Changes: Change caption for Additional Search Criteria "Enter Search String".DSRMWS-1957

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
API: Domain Class Browser does not support searching by Context, @name.DSRMWS-1929
Bulk Load: PV/VM Import: When VM String Type="Text", incorrect Validation Message indicates VM Created after file is Imported.DSRMWS-1875
Bulk Load: Designation Import fix for Sprint 28.DSRMWS-1689
Bulk Load: On-demand Load of New NCIt concepts.DSRMWS-29
Bulk Load: PV/VM import changes for Sprint 28. For details, refer to DSRMWS-1672DSRMWS-1672
Bulk Load: PV/VM Import: VM String field is editable after import in Sprint 32 but is changed to read only.DSRMWS-1938
caDSR Reverse: Error Protocol Lead Organization Name greater than 30 characters.DSRMWS-1848
caDSR Reverse: Reverse failed when new CS version is created and the CS has 2 or more levels of CSI.DSRMWS-1948
Change Management: Duplicate Classifications are displayed when CS is versioned and there are 2 more levels of child CSI.DSRMWS-1959
Change Management: Edit VM throws incorrect message of Duplicate.DSRMWS-1955
Change Management: Editing a CDE or VD to change Reg Status or WFS throws Duplicate error.DSRMWS-1937
Change Management: Make Reference Document URL hyperlink. Special formatting is required. Enter "\[displayed text]" after the URL.DSRMWS-1940
Change Management: Form Ref Doc does not display in Filtered Results if Form is not Latest Version.DSRMWS-1931
Change Management: Special Characters < > in Form Long Name, Form header, Footer, Form Definition, Module Long Name, Module Instruction, Question Instruction, Valid Value, Valid Value Instruction causes an error.DSRMWS-1947
Change Management: Edit DEC: Validate Button should do Validation instead of Updating.DSRMWS-1961
Download Collection: CDE 2222323 Legacy XML and Excel Download CS/CSI information is wrong.DSRMWS-1951
Forms: "Add Classification" hook in Forms Maintenance has wrong header.DSRMWS-1936
Search: Browse CDE based on DEC for Public Users.DSRMWS-1479
UI Change: Admin Item Tool Child Filter Default for Multiple IDs not set as default on Prod.DSRMWS-1945
UI Changes: Trademark is not Displayed/Represented properly in Form Name in OneData.DSRMWS-1257

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Change Management Select CS Latest Version does not change CSI latest version flag.Versioning a CS will ignore CSI Latest Version Indicator and Version Number. When a new CS Version is created and users selects to copy CSI hierarchy, then the new CSI Version will match the CS and the CSI will be set to Latest Version. However, this can get out of sync when the CSI is moved.DSRMWS-1561

Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing to be Fixed in Sprint 35

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.

FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number
Bulk Load Designations Import should indicate duplicate if loading file has duplicate designations entries.DSRMWS-1869
Bulk LoadDesignations Import: Imported file captions reverted to prior release.DSRMWS-1689
Bulk Load PV/VM Import: Create new PV/VM failed when VM Concept String matches with an existing VM.DSRMWS-1964
Bulk Load PV/VM Import: In same VD, create one new VM to associate with multiple PVs.DSRMWS-1962
Bulk Load PV/VM Import: Should report the invalid concept in the Validation Message.DSRMWS-1939
Change Management Change Management: Edit VM Update closes UI after update.DSRMWS-1972
Loading CDE Match: Run Match throws exception when input Column Name has single quote.DSRMWS-1567
OOTB Delivery Options Export to Excel for DE View/Browse, DE Maint, AI Tool do not download all Columns.DSRMWS-1952
UI Changes UI improvement for Form - Classification View.DSRMWS-1963
UI ChangesAI and DE Maint: Enable the "Advanced Search" option for new field "Definition" in child filter "Additional Search Criteria". DSRMWS-1988
UI ChangesNCI Standard CRFS: Duplicate Alternate Names and Alternate Definitions nodes.DSRMWS-1991

Release History

Sprint deployed.)
Sprint deployed.)

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