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caDSR Sprint Release Notes
August 25, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALSALS CDE Download: IsVisible column set to False for all rows. It should only be False for FormOID Row in Form ALS.DSRMWS-1976
APIDomain Class Browser: Add the URL into the Address bar after user has exercised a query.DSRMWS-1982
MWS Out of the BoxAudit Reports: Fix Capitalization in Audit Report details.DSRMWS-1990
Bulk LoaderCDE Import: Add Created CDE ID Col and remove From Validation Message.DSRMWS-1888
Bulk LoaderCDE Match enhancements for Sprint 35.DSRMWS-2026
Bulk LoaderDesignations Import should indicate duplicate if loading file has duplicate designations entries.DSRMWS-1869
Bulk LoaderPV/VM - Add Created VM ID Col and remove From Validation Message.DSRMWS-1889
Bulk LoaderVM Match Enhance to check for existing VMs.DSRMWS-1971
Bulk LoaderVM Match Improvements to UI.DSRMWS-1970
CartAllow logged-in users and non-logged-in to manage more than one cart.DSRMWS-1201
Change ManagementEdit DEC: Changes to Options for "Validate" "Update".DSRMWS-1893
Change ManagementEdit DEC: Prevent Changing Concept Association for a RELEASED DEC.DSRMWS-1954
Change ManagementEdit VM: Changes to Options for "Validate" "Update".DSRMWS-1894
Change ManagementForms: Add "Add Module" Command.DSRMWS-1998
Change ManagementForms: Add a check to confirm Delete for the commands to Delete Form, Module, and Question.DSRMWS-2025
Change ManagementForms: Alert Form Owners when Create New Version or Copy From Existing if CDEs are Retired or Not Latest Version.DSRMWS-2010
Change ManagementForms: Create New Version should set WFS to Draft MOD.DSRMWS-2008
CompareCompare DEC: Add to the Browse CDEs by Data Element Concept and to AI Tool.DSRMWS-2001
DownloadAdd CDE and CDE Short Name with Question Short Name Legacy and Form Excel Download.DSRMWS-2003
LoadingCDE Match: Run Match throws exception when input Column Name has single quote.DSRMWS-1567
OOTBDelivery Options: Add Origin and UsedBy to CDE Export to Excel and Summary Report.DSRMWS-2009
SearchAdd Browse CDEs by Data Element Concept to Form Builder Role.DSRMWS-2015
SearchDEC Based Browser Object: Add CDE Count, Object Class Long Name and Property Long Name to grid.DSRMWS-1980
UI ChangesDE and VD Maint and Forms/Form Maint enhancement to Display Public ID, Version in Top Node.DSRMWS-1994
UI ChangesAI Tool and DE Maint - Enable advanced search for field "Definition" in child filter "Additional Search Criteria".DSRMWS-1988
UI ChangesAI Tool, Data Element Maint and DE View/Browse add Form WFS and Reg Status.DSRMWS-1997
UI ChangesAI Tool: Add VD Compare.DSRMWS-2069
UI ChangesAI Tool: VM - Change label to "Associated VD/PVs"DSRMWS-2002
UI ChangesConcept Popups: Reorder columns in Popup.DSRMWS-2007
UI ChangesMake Browse Forms by Classification Caption Change and available for Super Curators.DSRMWS-2013
UI ChangesForm/Form Maint: Move all "Delete" options to the bottom of the command list. Including Delete Question and Delete Valid ValueDSRMWS-1995
UI ChangesForms/Form Maint: Add Form Specific VM Description to 8.1 View Modules.DSRMWS-2000
UI ChangesNCI Standard CRFs - remove duplicate nodes for Alt Name and Alt Def.DSRMWS-1991
UI ChangesUI improvement for Classification related hooks.DSRMWS-2016
UI ChangesUI improvement for Browse Forms by Classifications.DSRMWS-1963

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
APIValueMeaning >> getPermissibleValue results different than Legacy API.DSRMWS-1966
Bulk LoaderCDE Import: Should use user specified CDE Short Name.DSRMWS-1870
Bulk LoaderDesignation Import fix for Sprint 28 for Captions on UI.DSRMWS-1689
Bulk LoaderPV/VM Import: Add timestamp to each row on import.DSRMWS-1965
Bulk LoaderPV/VM Import: Create new PV/VM failed to find VM ID for existing VM.DSRMWS-2027
Bulk LoaderPV/VM Import: Error when attempting to Validate PV/VM if CD is Retired.DSRMWS-1981
Bulk LoaderPV/VM Import: In same VD, create one new VM to associate with multiple PVs.DSRMWS-1962
Bulk LoaderPV/VM Import: Same PV, different VM, or same VM, different PV should be allowed in VD.DSRMWS-1953
Bulk LoaderVD Import Fixes Sprint 28.DSRMWS-1670
Change ManagementAI Tool-> Delete VM Alt Name does not delete from VD VM Alt Names.DSRMWS-2037
Change ManagementDelete Form Hook fail when Form has protocol.DSRMWS-2042
Change ManagementEdit DEC: Validate Button should do Validation instead of Updating.DSRMWS-1961
Change ManagementForms: Blobs not getting fully deleted.DSRMWS-2023
Change ManagementNon-enumerated VD should not allow Permissible Values.DSRMWS-2043
Change ManagementReference Document Blob Favorite skips the filter.DSRMWS-2022
Change ManagementVD Maint: Versioning a VD with large number of PV/VMs fails.DSRMWS-2047
Bulk LoaderDEC Import - Sprint 28/35 Fixes.DSRMWS-2040
DownloadDownload Collection: get exception when use "Add All" link to add all items in the Cart into a Collection.DSRMWS-2060
DownloadDownload Collection: Legacy CDE XML and Excel: Change Concept Primary Flag to "Yes" or "No".DSRMWS-2019
DownloadLegacy FB Excel incorrect value for Form Value Meaning ID.DSRMWS-2030
DownloadLegacy Form XML: Not downloading in Sprint 35, also Add Question Short Name.DSRMWS-2017
ReverseAlternate Definition not being truncated to 2000.DSRMWS-2029
ReverseNewly inserted Protocol causes reverse to fail.DSRMWS-2052
UI ChangesAdmin Item Child Filter Default for Multiple IDs not set on Prod.DSRMWS-1945
UI ChangesForms: Remove extra fields from CDE on Form child filter.DSRMWS-2018

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Bulk LoaderPV/VM Import: Should report the invalid concept in the Validation Message.NoneDSRMWS-1939
Data MigrationFix Data Migration error due to duplicate Preferred Question Text.Refer to DSRMWS-1812.DSRMWS-1813
Download CollectionGet exception when use "Add All" link to add all items in the Named Cart into a CollectionIf select all the CDEs or Forms by using checkbox and click "Add" instead of click "Add All", then all the items can be added into collection successfully.DSRMWS-2073
OOTBDelivery Options exports different items than selected when using Additional Search Criteria Enter User String.NoneDSRMWS-1978

Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.

FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number
Bulk LoadCDE Match should use "Like" for Question Text and Alternate Names.DSRMWS-2054
Bulk LoadPV/VM Import UI improvement: Date Last Modified field should be read only.DSRMWS-2064
Bulk LoadPV/VM Import: Remove "Optional VM CD ID" field from UI.DSRMWS-2044
Bulk LoadPV/VM Import: VM Alt name context is not imported.DSRMWS-2071
Bulk LoadVD Import: Primary Rep Term popup does not retrieve correct ConceptsDSRMWS-2080
Change ManagementForms: System should set Module Display Order correctly after Copy Module using Module IDDSRMWS-2077
Change Management
Value Domains: System should not copy PVs when Create Non-Enumerated VD from an Enumerated VDDSRMWS-2078

Release History

Sprint    9-Aug-22
Sprint deployed.)
Sprint deployed.)

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