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caDSR Sprint Release Notes



The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
APIAPI returns the wrong type for the Value Domain as NonEnumerated when the VD is enumerated.DSRMWS-2554
Bulk Loader TasksDownload: Add link to download of the Classification Node CDEs in Download Collection Format.DSRMWS-2517
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import fail when both > AND < are present.DSRMWS-2443
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: Change captions and Rearrange Columns in Modules and Questions and Form Question Match.DSRMWS-2471
Change ManagementAdmin and Change description fields be set to null when Create From Existing DEC/VD/CDE/Form.DSRMWS-2505
Change ManagementChange the new Download Shortcut File Name Prefixes.DSRMWS-2579
Change ManagementCRDC Browse Data Elements Fixes: Display 'latest' Ref Docs.DSRMWS-2562
Change ManagementData Elements - View/Browse: CRDC Domain value incorrect if customer use OOTB delete function to delete a CRDC CSI from CDE.DSRMWS-2477
Change ManagementReference Document Blobs: Inherit Filter for insert.DSRMWS-2225
DownloadDownload VM when C45255:Integer is used as VM Qualifier Concept.DSRMWS-2590
DownloadLegacy FB Excel: Add Answer is Editable in column AA after Question Short Name.DSRMWS-2508
DownloadREDCap CDE: Change Form name to include Collection Name.DSRMWS-2486
Loading Monthly Load NCI Thesaurus Concepts: Changes to new FTP Page HTML Format.DSRMWS-2347
Loading Update Monthly EVS load to add subsets.DSRMWS-2415
SearchAdd Browse CDEs by Protocol Forms.DSRMWS-2543
SearchChange row default to 1000 for anonymous user.DSRMWS-2472
Security FrameworkReport of user accounts that curators can run when needed.DSRMWS-2506
UI ChangesAdd Context Description to Owned By Popups and change Internal ID to Public ID.DSRMWS-2509
UI ChangesAlternate Names and Definitions Child Filter: Add Language.DSRMWS-2523
UI ChangesBrowse CDEs by Classification feature requests.DSRMWS-2515
UI ChangesBrowse CDEs by Data Element Concept: Change Public ID to DEC Public ID and Child Filter VD Type to VD Type (Enum% or Non%).DSRMWS-2534
UI ChangesCompare CDE: Add Decimal Place and Minimum Length.DSRMWS-2504
UI ChangesCreate a new object for CRDC Browse Data Elements. MANUAL STEP - Add to Guest Favorite.DSRMWS-2420
UI ChangesData Element - View/Browse: Add Filter to Search by 7.1 Associated Protocols  and a node in the tree.DSRMWS-2542
UI ChangesForms: Change 8.2 Caption to "View Question Repetition Default Values".DSRMWS-2551
UI ChangesValid Value and Value Meaning Text and not showing in Delivery Options.DSRMWS-2549
PATCH to disable the feature to “Open all levels” at CS level - Classification Management. 


Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
APIFlattened Form API not returning Value Domain Value Meaning.DSRMWS-2512
APIGetModelMappedElement: Error 'missing document' when try to query against OMOP Provider table.DSRMWS-2521
APIValue Domain missing getValueDomainPermissibleValuesCollection. Emergency Fix 41.4.DSRMWS-2513
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: data in Field Note column is not used to create Question Instruction.DSRMWS-2464
Bulk Loader Tasks

Form Import: Validate and Create with REDCap style Field Annotation CDE errors.

*Known Issue: Field Annotation Format not importing correctly in Sprint 42.

*Workaround: Set Preferred CDE in Form Import Front End.

caDSR ReverseVersion Classification Scheme Causes Reverse to Fail.DSRMWS-2555
CartAll Carts: Add ability to download CDEs from Named, User Cart and Guest User.DSRMWS-2526
CartDeleted item from Cart Should not delete from both User Cart and Named Carts.DSRMWS-2475
CartForms: "Add All" link should only add CDEs from selected Cart into Forms.DSRMWS-2457
Change ManagementClassify Hook failed on AIs other than CDE.DSRMWS-2524
Change ManagementClassify Hook fails when selected CDEs have same DEC and VD.DSRMWS-2446
Change ManagementDelete Protocol Command - Non-owning Context Curator incorrect error message.DSRMWS-2250
Change ManagementEdit DEC: Exclude Retired items when they match based on Concept Code.DSRMWS-2531
Change ManagementForms: Delete Module hook should display Module Public ID instead of Form ID.DSRMWS-2449
Change ManagementForms: Duplicate Questions created when user selects Create multiple times.DSRMWS-2498
Change ManagementForms: Get Exception when try to create new Version for Form 10694400v1.0 when module logically deleted.DSRMWS-2453
Change ManagementReverse: AI Tool: Update VM Definition does not Reverse to VM Description field.DSRMWS-2494
DownloadREDCap Form: Special Characters incorrectly being converted to "_TM_".DSRMWS-2491
DownloadWhen VM has multiple Concepts, all the Concept should be downloaded in all CDE Browser formats and in a descending order.DSRMWS-2589
SearchBrowse CDEs by Classifications missing some CSIs.DSRMWS-2599

Issues Not Fixed in This Sprint - Planned for Next Sprint

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Data AuditOOTB Data Audit Report had strange results for form 6757628.None.


ImportAbility to transform a zip file containing multiple instruments in one Template.Load each form separately.


SearchBrowse CDEs by Classifications: Change default behavior to include all non-retired versions.None.


SearchBrowse CDEs by Classification and Legacy CDE Browser may return different CDE count number on Context.None.DSRMWS-2548
SearchBrowse CDEs by Protocol Forms Enhancements - Include all Versions, Exclude TEST, Training, Retired Forms, include column for Protocols.A node 7.1 Associated Protocols was added to Data Element - View/Browse in Sprint 42.


Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.

FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksAutomatically create VM Alt Name for Biomarker Name after Monthly Concept loading.DSRMWS-2572
Bulk Loader TasksCreate a Bulk import for Protocols and Fixes.DSRMWS-2476
Bulk Loader TasksDownload: Classification Download and User Cart Download Performance tests.DSRMWS-2535
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: CDE PVs does not display the number of PVs for Matched Question.DSRMWS-2480
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: Fails with Error due to Field Annotation format.DSRMWS-2568
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: Question Instruction Fixes and improvements - Text Validation, Validation Min/Max not inserted.DSRMWS-2485
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: When a Matched CDE is selected, and VV VM Text = VM Long Name unless Source has used VM Alt Name.DSRMWS-2452
CartGuest User Cart UI Changes.DSRMWS-2560
Form/Download Collection

Add items with ID: Multiple IDs fail. 

Workaround: Add items to cart and then use "Add from Cart".


Change ManagementCreate Form from Existing fails for some forms.DSRMWS-2532
Change ManagementVD Maint: Edit VD: Provide ability to request system to generate VD Long Name and Definition.DSRMWS-2435
MWS Out of the BoxOOTB: Configuration of IM Start Row setting does not "stick" – SAG.DSRMWS-2563
RolesNew Roles for Match (CDE Match and VM Match), User Cart, Add Retain, Increase Guest to Rolling 7 days and change Guest Cart Note at top.DSRMWS-2503
SearchData Element - View/Browse: Sometimes there are duplicates in 7.1 Associated Protocols Node.DSRMWS-2575
SearchDownload: Extra Popup for login after selecting download link.DSRMWS-2567
SecurityGive Browse Role privilege to see "Form Ref Doc Blobs".DSRMWS-2561
UI ChangesCDE Details - VD Type (Enum% or Non%) not displaying for Value Domain Type.DSRMWS-2573

Release History

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Sprint    9-Aug-22
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