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The caDSR database and tools do not require personally identifiable information to view content. Login credentials are required to edit/create caDSR content.  While a user may enter personal information into description fields, it is removed when found and the author is contacted. caDSR content is freely accessible to everyone. Login credentials facilitate curation, curator mentoring, content audits and data integrity maintenance activities.

Electronic inquiries about caDSR content created by an authorized user require an E-mail address, and thus anyone with an account is required to provide an email address. Unless otherwise required by statute, user identities are not solicited or stored.

Some caDSR Tools employ "cookies". A cookie is a small file that a Web site transfers to a computer's hard disk to "remember" specific information about the session.

Requests to send cookies from caDSR Tools are not designed to collect personal information, only information for the browser "session." The cookie facilitates using dynamic features of these tools. The cookie and session information are destroyed automatically shortly after the browser closes — the session information is not permanently stored.

To ensure privacy, close the web browser completely after finishing the session. If you are concerned about the potential use of information gathered from your computer by cookies, you can set your browser to prompt you before it accepts a cookie. Most Internet browsers have settings to identify and/or reject cookies.

Questions about caDSR privacy policies should be sent to the NCI CBIIT Help Desk.

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