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Access to Curation

If you are a logged in curator, Curation is available to review pending data and make it public, and batch generate, re-generate, and delete data availability metrics for samples.  

This chapter introduces you to how to review and make pending data public and how to submit batch processes. Topics in this chapter include:

Reviewing Data Pending Release

If a user is not a curator and wants a protocol, sample, or publication that they own to be publicly-accessible, the user must submit it to a data curator for review. A data curator reviews the item, and when satisfied, changes it to Public access.

To review the data pending release to the public

  1. On Manage Curation, click Review Data Pending Release to Public.
    Data Pending Review displays the list of data to be reviewed.
  2. Click Edit to open a data detail page where you can update a sample.
    After reviewing the submitted data, you can assign the data to be Public.
  3. Click Add associated with the Access and the Access Information panel opens.
    Add Public Access
  4. In the Access Information panel, select Public and click Save.
    Add Access to the Public and Save
  5. The item is now publicly-accessible from the caNanoLab public home page.

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Managing Batch Data Availability

To generate or remove data availability for multiple samples in a batch

Owner of the Sample

The owner of a sample can always generate data availability metrics for the individual sample.

  1. On Manage Curation, click Manage Batch Data Availability.
    Manage Batch Data Availability opens.
    The following sample data availability batch options are available.

    Processing time

    This batch process may take some time, but it runs in the background, so you can perform other options in caNanoLab. 

    Generate data availability for all samples  Generates data availability metrics for all samples, including those where metrics were generated previously.
    Regenerate data availability of sample with existing availability  

    Generates data availability metrics only for samples where metrics were generated previously. 

    Delete data availability for all samples

    Removes all the current data availability metrics for all samples.

  2. Click Submit, and a message displays indicating that the process may take some time.

    Runs in the background

    The batch generation runs in the background, so you can leave this page and continue using caNanoLab.

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Reviewing Batch Results

If you run a data metrics batch job from the Curation menu, you may be generating or removing metrics from many samples. This may take some time.

  1. You can continue to use caNanoLab while the batch processes.
  2. When the process completes, caNanoLab opens Results with a completion message.
  3. To check on the status of the process you initiated, click the Results menu.
    The Long Running Processes table displays the status of the batch job.

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Managing Collaboration Groups | caNanoLab User's Guide| Using My Workspace
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