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No parameters?

If you click the Search button having defined no parameters, all of the caNanoLab samples will display in the search results.

sample search looks for a sample based on annotations that were added or characterization or data files uploaded. Column headings vary based on the sample returned.

The following table lists and describes the Search Results columns.

To export sample information, refer to Exporting Sample Information to JSON or XML - include
Sample Search Results ColumnsDescription

Click View in the first column to display the sample on the Updating a Sample page.


Edit is only available for people that have an account and are logged into the system and are associated with the sample.

Click + Add to Favorites to add a bookmark for the sample on your My Favorites page. Added to Favorites appears in the column when the sample is successfully added.


If the Sample is already added as a Favorite, clicking + Add to Favorites displays the <sample name> has already been added to your favorites message.

Sample Name

The fully-qualified name of the sample located in the search.

Primary Point of Contact

The name of the source of the original sample.


The term for the sample composition. Examples: antibody; dendrimer.


A list of one or more terms displaying functions entered for the corresponding sample ID. Example: targeting


A list displaying characterization annotations entered for the corresponding sample ID. Example: oxidative stress

Data Availability

Indicates data availability generated for the sample. Click the availability summary to view an availability details page. If N/A is in the column, refer to Generating Data Availability Metrics

Created DateIndicates the date on which the sample was added.

For information about configuring a sample search, refer to Searching for Existing Samples.

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