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Welcome to the caNanoLab 2.3.11 Release Note, May 21, 2021. Topics in this Release Note include the following.


If you have access to the JIRA Tracking System, click a JIRA link to review additional development details.


The following table lists and describes the improvement(s) in this caNanoLab release.

 Description of the improvement(s)JIRA issue link
Upgraded AngularJS version to 1.8.CANANOLAB-675

Fixed Bugs

The following table lists and describes the bug(s) resolved in this caNanoLab release.

 Description of the bug fix(es)JIRA issue link

Link changes on the caNanoLab Home Page.


Unable to delete composition files.


Advanced search not returning results for Sample Name Criteria: angular.js error.


Unable to search for samples.


Unable to create new samples.


Protocol: Unable to create new protocol when uploading\attaching file.


Publication: Unable to create new publication nor update publication when attaching an uploaded file.


Sample Composition: When creating composition file, on the Summary Page, the Title and Download Link for uploaded file is missing.


Sample: General Info: Unable to export JSON or XML file.


Sample: Characterization: Unable to add findings in any characterization element because the column name was not selectable.


Sample: Composition File: Unable to delete composition file.


Composition: Functionalizing Entity: Unable to edit or delete inherent function.


Composition: Nanomaterial Entity: Unable to edit or delete a composing element.


Characterization: Unable to create a characterization element with a technique and instrument added.


Unable to edit or delete publication authors.


Publications: Unable to edit or delete users or groups under Access to the Publication.


Samples: Unable to edit or delete users or groups.


Samples: Unable to delete existing samples.


Admin: Unable to add a role to a new user nor edit a user's existing role.



NCI-INC0572366-caNano account issues. When creating a new account, unable to reset password and change user role.


Known Issues and Workarounds

The following table lists and describes how to work around the following remaining issues in caNanoLab.

Known IssueWorkaroundJIRA issue link
The Results tab is populated when a curator/administrator submits a batch job to create a data availability matrix, but the tab disappears if the curator/administrator logs out and logs in again, even if the job is still running. NoneCANANOLAB-81
When submitting a new publication, clicking Reset does not reset the Submit Publication Form.NoneCANANOLAB-197
You cannot sort Protocol search results by the Protocol Type and Protocol Name columns. NoneCANANOLAB-367
You have to click the DOI external URL twice (or open the link in a new window by right-clicking) to view the external PubMed content.NoneCANANOLAB-368
A Publication Search returns more records than is valid based on the search criteria. NoneCANANOLAB-391
Export XML: Adding Other Ex Vv with special characters in the Characterization name prevents the Export xml from generating.NoneCANANOLAB-615
Export JSON: Special characters such as apostrophe and ampersand are showing up in the JSON export in their Unicode form.NoneCANANOLAB-616
Apostrophe does not appear correctly.NoneCANANOLAB-631
Composition: Unable to Edit nor Delete File from Nanomaterial Entity.NoneCANANOLAB-701
Characterization: Unable to Edit nor Delete a File from a Characterization Element's Finding, Can't Delete Findings with an attached File having Keywords. Root cause of issue is due to Adding Keywords when Uploading a File under Findings.NoneCANANOLAB-703
Sample Characterization: When creating new Model, Other Ex Vv, or Other, the Characterization Name is cleared after hitting the Save Button on Technique and Instruments and Findings.NoneCANANOLAB-708
Allow password reset without knowing old password.Contact
Characterization: General Page: Clean Up format for added Files In Findings: Missing Description Header.NoneCANANOLAB-713
Composition: All Tab: Clean Up format for added Files In Findings: Bad spacing and Missing Headers.NoneCANANOLAB-714
My Favorites: Deleted Items should be removed from My Favorites page.NoneCANANOLAB-715

Release History



2.3.1121 May 2021
2.3.1030 October 2020
2.3.819 September 2019
2.3.711 June 2019
2.3.67 January 2019 November 2018
2.3.52 October 2018
2.3.413 July 2018
2.3.325 January 2018
2.3.2October 2017
2.3April 2017
2.2January 2017
2.1.1February 2016
2.1November 2015
2.0December 2014
1.5.5May 2013
1.5.4August 2012
1.5.3May 2012
1.5.2October 2010
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