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Semantics support for W3C service oriented architecture resources

This initiative will focus on introduction of Semantic Web technologies to caGrid. The focus will be execution of several of the tasks enumerated in the Semantic Web White Paper produced under contract for the caBIG® Architecture Workgroup in 2008. Specifically:

  • Ontologically-aware query capabilities on caGrid
  • Exploration of W3C semantic annotation of WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) recommendation and evaluation of current tooling enhancements to optimize this technology in caBIG®
  • Partnerships with NCRI, cancerGrid and other Grids to establish some form of Grid to Grid semantic interoperation
  • Expanded outreach to W3C and related standards development organizations
  • Creation and adoption of ontologies for use in life science and clinical services on the Semantic Net

It seems possible that W3C Semantic Web resources dealing with biomedical documents will play a role in the NHIN and perhaps in the caEHR. Under this initiative the caBIG® cross-cutting workspaces will play a major role, defining and overseeing activities to integrate W3C SW technologies with the caGrid.


Initiative 4 section of the Requirements Initiatives Master List


Initiative 4 - Semantics support for W3C service oriented architecture resources