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The caBIG® consortium is a partnership of government, academic, and industry stakeholders in health care, both nationally and internationally. Due to the successes of the caBIG® program, the stakeholder community has broadened to include BIGHealth and the NHIN, as well as the familiar communities involved in fighting cancer. These researchers, providers, patients, advocates, payers, product innovators, investors, and information technologists have come together in a novel organizational framework to make real the new paradigm of personalized medicine and integrated care.

Role of the Enterprise Conformance and Compliance Framework

Semantic Infrastructure Overview

Contract Design Infrastructure View

Deployment and Run Time View

Existing caBIG Semantics Implementation


  1. Distributed, federated metadata repositories and model repositories and operations
  2. Automated generation of metadata from line-of-business artifacts
  3. Rules management and contracts support (behavioral semantics)
  4. Semantics support for W3C service oriented architecture resources
  5. HL7 CTS II/ OMG MIF compliant federated terminology services
  6. Controlled biomedical terminology, ontology and metadata content
  7. Assessment of semantic unification of compositional and derivational models