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HL7 CTS II/ OMG MIF compliant federated terminology services

Currently we are well positioned to support distributed terminology services and compliance with the HL7 CTS2 terminology specification. The LexEVS server is compliant with a subset of the CTS2 specification. Although the CTS2 standard itself is not yet formally promulgated and harmonization with the OMG MIF is not complete, as a practical matter the specification is stable. Enhancement of the LexGrid terminology model and LexEVS server architecture to comprehensively support CTS2 will commence as soon as OMG's RFP calling for development of CTS2 PIMs results in an acceptable PIM from which to develop a PSM. Development of an initial, mnimal set of CTS2 compliant authoring applications (for value sets, maps and extensions) will be included under this initiative.

Work under this initiative would include:

  • Enhanced operational support of federated terminology nodes on caGrid and on other connected grids (NCRI's LexEVS instance for example).
  • Operational support for creation and use of value sets, maps and terminology extensions and other CTS II capabilities.
  • Collaborative ontology development and ontology federation through use of OBO-compliant means.


Initiative 5 section of the Requirements Initiatives Master List


Initiative 5 - HL7 CTS II/ OMG MIF compliant federated terminology services