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Through an RFI process and research, we identified over 13 potential solutions and partial solutions. We created a requirements spreadsheet and engaged with each of the potential providers to request a self-assessment of their capabilities versus NCI requirements.  We mapped all the results into one document and created a quantitative score for each one based on the number of requirements they could meet. We then organized the requirements by highest priority and re-scored the responses, narrowing the possible choices to the top 5.  We requested product demonstration and information sessions with each of the top 5.  The two possible solutions who held position 4 and 5 respectively turned out not to be commercially available and thus dropped from the list.  We have selected the top 3, scoring 97%, 75%, and 58%, for a 45-day software evaluation for usability testing, and also decided to test the NLM system for comparative purposes. We have developed an "Evaluation Scorecard" to be used in recording results from testing the features that are the most commonly used. The requirements matrix and evaluation scorecard are available upon request from the government sponsor.

We are currently developing two possible solutions for current and future customers to supplement and leverage metadata and models. 

  • Data Mapping and Transformation Tool: Ptolemy.V - Ordinal Data
    • A translation engine that leverages NCI CDEs will create a new file by copying source data you have registered in the tool, and converting it to the common standard format using CDEs. Through a mapping step you can create one or more translations for your data, or by reusing translations that have already been created by other users, you can create new composite, integrated data tables using data from a variety of source data. You can access your tables directly in the repository or you can download/export the data as a CSV file.
    • The project is being managed by Leidos.
  • Metadata Template Builder: CEDAR  - Stanford
    • A web based tool that uses NCI CDEs and leverages open terminologies in BioPortal to create a metadata template to collect and validate data.
    • The project is being managed by Leidos. 

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