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  1. Click Publications. The Manage Publications page appears.

  2. Click Search Existing Publication.

    Include Page
    Search Criteria Blank include
    Search Criteria Blank include

  3. From Search Publications, fill in the following information as needed.

    Publication Search OptionsDescription

    Publication Type

    Select the type of publication from the drop-down list.

    Research Category

    Include Page
    Research category
    Research category

    PubMed ID

    Enter the PubMed ID, if known.

    Include Page
    PubMed ID
    PubMed ID

    Digital Object ID

    Enter the name of the digital object ID, if known.

    Publication Title

    Enter text for the title of a publication. Select Contains (for search using partial text) or Equals (for exact text search).


    Enter the last name of an author. For more authors, add one author's last name per line.


    Enter one or more logical terms that can be used to find the publication. Enter one term per line.

    Sample Name

    Enter text for the name of a sample. Select Contains (for search using partial text) or Equals (for exact text search).


    Nanomaterial Entity

    Select the nanoparticle category to which the sample targeted by the search belongs. Example: Dendrimer

    Functionalizing Entity


    Include Page
    Function type
    Function type
  4. Click Search. The Publication The Publication Search Results page appears. For details, refer to Publication Search Results