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Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
APIAPI returns the wrong type for the Value Domain as NonEnumerated when the VD is enumerated.DSRMWS-2554
Bulk Loader TasksDownload: Add link to download of the Classification Node CDEs in Download Collection Format.DSRMWS-2517
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import fail when both > AND < are present.DSRMWS-2443
Bulk Loader TasksForm Import: Change captions and Rearrange Columns in Modules and Questions and Form Question Match.DSRMWS-2471
Change ManagementAdmin and Change description fields be set to null when Create From Existing DEC/VD/CDE/Form.DSRMWS-2505
Change ManagementChange the new Download Shortcut File Name Prefixes.DSRMWS-2579
Change ManagementCRDC Browse Data Elements Fixes: Display 'latest' Ref Docs.DSRMWS-2562
Change ManagementData Elements - View/Browse: CRDC Domain value incorrect if customer use OOTB delete function to delete a CRDC CSI from CDE.DSRMWS-2477
Change ManagementReference Document Blobs: Inherit Filter for insert.DSRMWS-2225
DownloadDownload VM when C45255:Integer is used as VM Qualifier Concept.DSRMWS-2590
DownloadLegacy FB Excel: Add Answer is Editable in column AA after Question Short Name.DSRMWS-2508
DownloadREDCap CDE: Change Form name to include Collection Name.DSRMWS-2486
Loading Monthly Load NCI Thesaurus Concepts: Changes to new FTP Page HTML Format.DSRMWS-2347
Loading Update Monthly EVS load to add subsets.DSRMWS-2415
SearchAdd Browse CDEs by Protocol Forms.DSRMWS-2543
SearchChange row default to 1000 for anonymous user.DSRMWS-2472
Security FrameworkReport of user accounts that curators can run when needed.DSRMWS-2506
UI ChangesAdd Context Description to Owned By Popups and change Internal ID to Public ID.DSRMWS-2509
UI ChangesAlternate Names and Definitions Child Filter: Add Language.DSRMWS-2523
UI ChangesBrowse CDEs by Classification feature requests.DSRMWS-2515
UI ChangesBrowse CDEs by Data Element Concept: Change Public ID to DEC Public ID and Child Filter VD Type to VD Type (Enum% or Non%).DSRMWS-2534
UI ChangesCompare CDE: Add Decimal Place and Minimum Length.DSRMWS-2504
UI ChangesCreate a new object for CRDC Browse Data Elements. MANUAL STEP - Add to Guest Favorite.DSRMWS-2420
UI ChangesData Element - View/Browse: Add Filter to Search by 7.1 Associated Protocols  and a node in the tree.DSRMWS-2542
UI ChangesForms: Change 8.2 Caption to "View Question Repetition Default Values".DSRMWS-2551
UI ChangesValid Value and Value Meaning Text and not showing in Delivery Options.DSRMWS-2549
PATCH to disable the feature feature to “Open all levels” at CS level - Classification Management. 


Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.


Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Data AuditOOTB Data Audit Report had strange results for form 6757628.None.


ImportAbility to transform a zip file containing multiple instruments in one Template.Load each form separately.


SearchBrowse CDEs by Classifications: Change default behavior to include all non-retired versions.None.


SearchBrowse CDEs by Classification and Legacy CDE Browser may return different CDE count number on Context.None.DSRMWS-2548
SearchBrowse CDEs by Protocol Forms Enhancements - Include all Versions, Exclude TEST, Training, Retired Forms, include column for Protocols.A node 7.1 Associated Protocols was added to Data Element - View/Browse in Sprint 42.


Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing