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RIDER Cooperative Agreement Data (U01) 2005-2008

RIDER Contracts for Data Collections 2008-2010

Academic Sites


  • 32 cases, each with 2 series of Lung CT Repeat Patient data.
  • Contact: Fan Liu, Binsheng Zhao
  • Status (5-05-09): Brian working with Fan Liu who is submitting with CTP from MSKCC


  • Repeat measurements (Coffee break) Pet/CT phantoms. (complete on NBIA)
  • Longitudinal lung Pet/CT patient studies completed (complete)
    • Status (5-05-09) Data has been transferred via CTP to CBIIT.  JK wiil validate and set to visible for review.
  • Longitudinal lung PET/CT phantom studies under development (5-05-09)
  • Contact Paul Kinahan and Peter Muzi


  • DCE MRI for neuro.
  • Diffusion weighted imaging DWI MR (neuro).
  • Diffusion tensor imaging  (neuro).
  • 4.14 GB (211mb non-dicom) on CBIIT FTP site as of 1/16/09.
  • Status (5-05-09) NCICB will submit to NBIA later in May (on NBIA 2.4)
  • Contact: Barboriak


  • Coffee Break
  • 96 MB on FTP Site as of 1/16/09.
  • Number of cases expected = 5 cases, 2 studies each case of breast DCE MR
  • Undetermined submission strategy.
  • Contact: Peyton Bland and Chuck Meyers
  • Status (5-05-09) Brian Hughes is following up for total of 10 cases(question)


  • Dynamic MRI patient studies.
  • 758mb on hand as of 1/16/09.
  • Undetermined submission strategy.
  • Contact: Ed Jackson
Other Government and Society Collections


  • CT phantom studies (built by NCI/RIDER contract with Ed Jackson, MDACC)
  • Dynamic MRI (DCMRI) phantom.
  • Data to be submitted via CTP from 5 sites to be downloaded and annotated by VirtualScopics


  • 1000 to 1500 phantom images by Sept 2009.
  • Collection exists w/ 3 cases on NCIA (Phantom-FDA).
  • Will provide hard drive containing images to CBIIT.
  • Contacts: Lisa Kinnard and Nick Petrick
  • Brian Hughes waiting for Lisa Kinnard to give him a harddrive (5-05-09)


  • NIST has NCIA data and data from other data sources
  • Status (5-05-2009): No plans to host NIST data at this juncture.
  • BioChange 2008

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