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What did we do well?

  • Better understanding of the Agile tool.  This included logging hours, commenting, moving tasks.
  • NCI has better understanding of the Agile process. 
  • Reporting to NCI was better this time.   We have a consistent way to show our progress in a way that is reportable and repeatable. 
  • Team getting better at task estimates.  
  • Tasks were completed before the end of the sprint and additional tasks were then added.  

What should we have done better?

  • Team needs to create sub-tasks when working on a multi step task.  
  • Should have provided more time with NCI to review our design and architecture documents.  
  • Need to have better access to NCI teams during the week to get more ready feedback. This will continue to be a problem and will impact the teams progress.  
  • Continue to keep focus on exit criteria as necessary. In many cases this will need to be provided in a clear and precise way from NCI.  
  • Continue to keep in mind the support process and JIRA prioritization with the team.