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Release Date: July 2018


The National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA) provides access to in vivo images. The goal of the NBIA is to provide the cancer research community, industry, and academia with access to an imaging data archive that will assist in the development and validation of analytical software tools supporting lesion detection and classification, accelerated diagnostic imaging decision throughput, and quantitative imaging assessment of drug response. The repository aims to provide access to imaging resources that will improve the use of imaging in today’s cancer research and practice by increasing the efficiency and reproducibility of imaging supporting cancer detection, improving the accuracy of imaging supporting cancer diagnosis, leveraging imaging to provide an objective assessment of therapeutic response, and ultimately enabling the development of imaging resources that will lead to confident clinical decisions in patient care.

 Release History

Features Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1006] The .tcia files should be self-contained
[NBIA-1008] User-Generated Manifest 
[NBIA-1018] Branded NBIA
[NBIA-1019] Improve jar signing
[NBIA-1020] Cross Link to New GUI in the homepage
[NBIA-1021] URL pointing at specific subject needs to work for private collection
[NBIA-1024] Restricted collections on the TCIA wiki landing page need to have the user log in
[NBIA-1029] (API) A rest call to get DICOM metadata by series ID 
[NBIA-1035] Record activity on NBIA Client
[NBIA-1036] REST API to Create Manifest File From JNLP Data
[NBIA-1037] REST API for Creating Manifest From Shared List
[NBIA-1038] REST API Call for Study Drill Down with SeriesUIDs
[NBIA-1039] REST API Call for Current Version of Manifest File
[NBIA-1040] Upgrade Tomcat 7.0.85
[NBIA-1050] Add Visibility Control to Remind Me Later Button on New Version Notification Dialog
[NBIA-1057] Extend Simple Search API to Include Modality and Body Part
[NBIA-1058] Show Download Manager Window Directly for Manifests with Public Only Data

Defects from 6.5 Addressed in This Release 

[NBIA-1048] Having both V2 and V3 TCIA Downloader Installation installed on the same machine prevents manifest files from launching. 
[NBIA-1045] Branding Properties and Build Version is not being picked up from the file when executing ANT during NBIA Installation 
[NBIA-1044] Cancer Imaging Archive Error when viewing Manage Data Basket 
[NBIA-1025] Query Timeouts On Image Table

Known Issues/Defects


[NBIA-1060] Diagnosis Year Displays in Hex
[NBIA-1059] The version info on the footer of NBIA home page should be changed at build time.
[NBIA-1056] To investigate giving NBIA access to the TCIA help desk to create JIRA instance programmatically 
[NBIA-1055] Add the capability to auto-create TCIA helpdesk ticket
[NBIA-1054] REST API Create Manifest File Based on Patient/Study/Series Ids
[NBIA-1053] Collaborating on a plan to replace all the JNLPs on the wiki
[NBIA-1052] Up to Java 10 Compatibility
[NBIA-1051] Extend Download Manager
[NBIA-1050] Add Visibility Control to Remind Me Later Button on New Version Notification Dialog 
[NBIA-1049] Users Building their own installation package with a self-signing certificate would not be able to download from secured imaging archives.
[NBIA-1047] and file should have New Branding Properties value set to NBIA folder rather than TCIA.
[NBIA-1046] Branding should be performed at installation time.
[NBIA-1043] Incorrect Release Version is shown on Portal Home Page: Value for is not being picked up
[NBIA-1042] Automated Host Naming
[NBIA-1041] Announcement Item Banner
[NBIA-1034] Need a more descriptive collection name
[NBIA-1033] Fail to Put Half of All Public Collections in TCIA to Data Basket 
[NBIA-1032] APIs and TCIA usage statistic
[NBIA-1031] Comparison of features of NBIA GUI and NBIA client
[NBIA-1028] Deploy latest NBIA version at NCI CBIIT
[NBIA-1027] Create an installation package
[NBIA-1026] allow admins to collection and site associations from QC tool
[NBIA-1023] CBIIT NBIA Production: Link update needed for Change Password selection 
[NBIA-1022] Conversion of JNLP files to TCIA manifest files 
[NBIA-1017] Language support 
[NBIA-1010] The needs for administrators to maintain challenges 
[NBIA-1009] Publishing a Collection 
[NBIA-1007] TCIA Downloader Needs to Support Windows 10 
[NBIA-1004] Optionally hide the left column 
[NBIA-1003] When a deployed server is accessed with a proxy, image file paths within the code do not work 
[NBIA-1002] Make image search, Login and cart look like tabs instead of buttons 
[NBIA-1001] Allow up to 6 digits (and commas) for selected Series counts. 
[NBIA-1000] Merge the search detail page into the search results page 
[NBIA-999] Cosmetic and other minor changes 
[NBIA-998] Support for PDX mouse images 
[NBIA-994] Make Download Links for TCIA Downloader Installer configurable. 
[NBIA-993] Perform the authorization checks inside the TCIA Download app 
[NBIA-988] Sort order in NBIA dropdowns for QC 
[NBIA-984] Links on Account Help Page is not externally configurable. 
[NBIA-982] Ability to link to and/or access information per subject 
[NBIA-959] file is missing the default property "" on line 198. 
[NBIA-957] Measurement Tool in latest Oviyam Viewer Update does not work 
[NBIA-945] QC GUI upper limit on series 
[NBIA-943] Multiple Logins Causes Issues Under Load 
[NBIA-940] User Authorization Tool: End User is allowed to add an empty protection group with no access role for a user 
[NBIA-939] CTPConsole: User Manager Settings changes are not written to the user.xml file after clicking on the Save button 
[NBIA-910] After Logging Out of the NBIA Portal, clicking on SiteMap shows only the Simple Search link. 
[NBIA-909] When on the SiteMap, clicking on Overview results in HTTP Status 404 Error page 
[NBIA-905] Oviyam scroll multiple scans slice difference 
[NBIA-904] Oviyam window levels not changing 
[NBIA-897] NBIA using Java jpeg libs that are deprecated in Java 7 
[NBIA-896] NCIA-User is NOT able to do a SIMPLE Search 
[NBIA-860] Need a check of Project/Site between DB and PE 
[NBIA-858] When using an alternate URL for NBIA, thumbnails and cine mode does not work 
[NBIA-848] Placing a large number of images into data basket times out 
[NBIA-816] file names don't match slice numbers in DICOM header 
[NBIA-814] Text search bugs 
[NBIA-782] Scrolling DataBasket Sorted by Patient ID re-sorts by something else 
[NBIA-776] Saved Queries: Sort indicator used on Saved Queries page is not consistent with the rest of application 
[NBIA-775] Submission Reports: Font size use on Submission Reports page is not consistent with rest of application 
[NBIA-755] Shared List additions to Data Basket 
[NBIA-752] Workflow: Restrictions needs to be put in place when creating new Collections and Sites. Special characters used in Collection and Site names will prevent successful file submission from CTP 
[NBIA-747] Workflow: Check needed to be implemented to ensure a new Collection has an associated Site. 
[NBIA-728] XML and Zip file cannot be verified by Database Verifier in CTP client and "Clear the unverified Queue" button doesn't work either. 
[NBIA-713] Free Text: Clicking on Hit link does not sort 
[NBIA-712] Free Text Search: Clicking on Add To Basket does not add patients on the page to Manage Data Basket 
[NBIA-707] Performance: When performing Advanced Search against Images and related fields, the response time exceeds 10 seconds. 
[NBIA-705] My Data Basket: When Sorting the Number of Images column and the Annotation File Size column the Sort Up Down Arrow is missing 
[NBIA-697] NBIA Portal: When first launching the NBIA Portal Home page on the Browsers: Browser Console shows SyntaxError 
[NBIA-690] Perform QC: Select all box does not get refreshed when changing to another page 
[NBIA-686] When the scroll bar is present, all columns to the left are shifted out of alignment with the column Title Box 
[NBIA-661] CTP's users.xml file not encrypted correctly deploying from source 
[NBIA-636] Application Support email address configurable 
[NBIA-609] Develop a contingency plan for NBIA 
[NBIA-575] Collection list on simple search page orders incorrectly 
[NBIA-533] User can’t log in after session timeout if another NBIA browser timeout in Firefox 
[NBIA-489] Duplicate UID on XML annotation files issue

See JIRA for the latest use cases (implemented and deferred), existing open defects, community requests, resolutions and feature requests.

Bug Reports, Feature Requests, and Support

Send an email to to request technical support or report a bug or request a new feature.

Existing requests and resolution may also be viewed at the NBIA JIRA site.

Documentation and Files

The latest documentation is hosted on the TCIA wiki in the Cancer Imaging Archive User's Guide.

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