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Space Administrators have permissions to use powerful features not available to other users. This page explains the tasks you can perform when you have Space Admin permissions.

Perform the functions of a space administrator

To perform the functions of a space administrator:

  1. In any wiki space, click Wiki space tools icon, the second icon to the right of the space name.
  2. Click the link for the function you want to perform. Functional groups include Content, Space Tools, and Admin. If you click any option in the Space Tools group, the Space Tools page appears.

Avoid deleting the space

Caution, Do not delete the space

  • If you click the Delete Space link on the Space Tools page you can inadvertently delete the space.
  • There is a warning that you are about to delete the space.
  • Develop the habit of hovering over Cancel while reading warnings about deleting.

View and restore pages from the trash

To restore a page:

  1. On the Space Tools page, click Content Tools > Trash. A list of pages in the trash opens.
  2. Next to the page you want to restore, click the Restore link.
  3. Click OK. It is restored in the space root, visible at Content Tools > Reorder Pages.

In general, NCI Wiki users do not delete (purge) pages from the trash. If you do purge a page, hover over Cancel while reading the warning.

View and manage restricted pages

To view and manage restricted pages:

  1. On the Space Tools page, click Permissions > Restricted Pages. A list of the pages appears, showing who is allowed to view or edit each page.
  2. To remove page restrictions from a page, in the row for that page, click the padlock icon.

Modify the permissions for the space

Refer to Setting Permissions in a Wiki Space for the steps and the rules.

Add a space template

To add a space template:

  1. On the Space Tools page, click Content ToolsTemplates.
  2. Click Create New Template.
  3. Enter the title for the template and the text for the page. Click Save. The system refreshes the list of templates. 

When you create a new page as described in Adding a Page or a Blog Post, you can select the template you want to use. For more instructions, refer to the following Atlassian Confluence help page:

Create a Template Exit Disclaimer logo

View and edit the space details

The space administrator can view space details and edit any of those details except the space key. 

  • You can change the space name. However, changing it so that it varies from the space key can cause confusion.
  • You can enter a space description that briefly describes the content of the space.
  • You can change the status from Current to Archived. This removes the space from the listing on the dashboard and from Confluence search results.
  • You can set any page in the space to be the space Home Page.

To view and edit the space details:

  1. On the Space Tools page, click Overview > Space Details
  2. Click Edit Space Details

Add and modify Space Categories

To add or modify a space category label:

  1. On the Space Tools page, click Overview > Space Details.
  2. Next to Categories, click Edit.
  3. Enter a label and click Add. (To remove an existing label, click the X.)

Modify the look and feel within guidelines

The space administrator can change the look and feel of the space in several ways:

  • On the Space Tools page, click Look and Feel > Themes. Select the theme you want to apply and click Confirm. While the Global Look and Feel is the default theme of the NCI Wiki, it is identical to the Refined Theme, which is the only other theme option. The wiki administrator can modify the Refined Theme. Submit suggestions to Application Support.
  • On the Space Tools page, click Look and FeelColour Scheme. You can use the color picker for each element to select colors according to an established NCI color scheme; otherwise use the defaults.
  • Click the second icon to the right of the space name. Under Space Tools, click Space Logo. You can upload and apply a logo approved by NCI for the team, or you can turn the logo off.

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