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Introduction to caArray: a High-level Workflow

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: Up to caArray 2.x

Date entered: 01/15/2010

Below is a diagram of the workflow in the caArray application. This diagram is rendered in text also, with a link to a key FAQ related to each action in the workflow.

Diagram of caArray Workflow
Diagram of caArray workflow

You may Browse and download data as an anonymous user. caArray 041 - caArray Account Management

You may use Online Registration and Create an account. caArray 047 - Creating a caArray account with UPT

After creating an account, you may Log into caArray.

Once logged in, you may adjust Global Settings: Protocol, vocabulary and Collaborate Group. caArray 040 - caArray Global Settings

You may also Manage array design: upload, download, and edit. caArray 039 - Array Design Files

If you are a system administrator, you may Manage Experiment Ownership. caArray 046 - Management Account Ownership

As a user, you may Manage Experiment. caArray 038 - caArray Experiment Management

You may Edit, Delete, Download, or Grant Permissions to My Experiment Workspace. caArray 019 - caArray File Loading Process

You may create an experiment. (Upload datafile, annotation and supplement) caArray 037 - MAGE-TAB Files

If you have a comment, please leave your comment in the caArray End User Forum.