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  • caIntegrator 1.4 Release Notes
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Product: caIntegrator
Version: 1.4
Date: July 2012


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caIntegrator is a web-based software package that allows researchers to set up custom, caBIG-compatible web portals to conduct integrative research, without requiring programming experience. These portals bring together heterogeneous clinical, microarray and medical imaging data to enrich multidisciplinary research.

Using caIntegrator, researchers can execute and save queries to identify and collect many types of data, combining clinical information with genetic and genomic data to enable multidimensional analysis. caintegrator uses caGrid analytical services such as GenePattern and BioConductor to perform analysis on the integrated study data, including clinical survival data.

Release History

  • caIntegrator2 v1.0.0 -- Oct 2009
  • caIntegrator2 v1.0.1 -- Jan 2010
  • caIntegrator2 v1.1.0 -- Jun 2010
  • caIntegrator v1.2.0 -- Sep 2010
  • caIntegrator v1.3.0 -- Jun 2011
  • caIntegrator v1.3.1 – Nov 2011
  • caIntegrator v1.4 -- July 2012

Anticipated Releases

  • caIntegrator v1.5 - Feb 2013

Highlights of caIntegrator v1.4

  • Automatic refresh of data between caIntegrator and caArray: For an existing study in caIntegrator, an option will be added to check for automatic data updates from caArray. The Study Manager will see a notification that there is new data available for deployment. The Study Manger will be given an option to use the new data and redeploy the study or to do nothing and keep the study as it is.
  • Strong role based security in caIntegrator: Study Manager should be able to assign multiple levels of security for users based on their roles in conjunction with the data privacy rules. Study manager also should be able to assign row level and column level security to uploaded data.
  • Single Sign-on: Users should be able to log in to one application (caArray or caIntegrator) and navigate to the other application without having to log in again. This feature should be enabled at the deployment time for both applications.
  • Better version control: A study manager should be able to create a new study similar to an existing study relatively easy. A study manager user should be able to indicate an existing study as archived as well.
  • Major technology upgrades: Jboss 5.1, Java 6, caGrid v1.5, Struts, and NCI build-and-deploy infrastructure (NCI Nexus repository, AntHill Pro 3, BDALite).
  • Section 508 compliance improvements.

Features and Defects Addressed in this Release

For a complete list of new features for 1.4 refer to caIntegrator JIRA location.

Known Issues/Defects

  1. caIntegrator v 1.4 can only pull array data from caArray v 2.5.1 and newer.
  2. CAINT-1070 Attempting to Add New Genomic Data Source in IE8 produces Restricted Area error
    Note: There is a workaround for this issue. After encountering the error, go to Manage Studies -> Edit Study page, and re-add the Genomic Data Source.
  3. There is an issue that may be seen if a user attempts to install an older version of caIntegrator after installing caIntegrator 1.4 using the Windows GUI installer. Older versions of caIntegrator use JBOSS4 in the installation whereas caIntegrator 1.4 uses JBOSS5. To avoid the issue the user must delete the .installer-caintegrator2 file before beginning the second installation. The .installer-caintegrator2 file can usually be found in a default directory such as C:\Documents and Settings\username. If this file is not removed JBOSS5 will be installed instead of JBOSS4 and the installation will fail.
  4. There is a known issue within the UPT that account administrators may encounter when they add new users. The UPT may erroneously indicate that the user was already created and is a duplicate. When this happens and the user is not a duplicate the new user will be create as expected and the error message can be ignored. CSM-716, New user can be created in CSM 4.2.3 successfully, but the message displayed in browser is wrong. See
  5. There is a known issue in caIntegrator; the application is unable to receive data from the AIM service at Emory. See CAINT-1166.

See the JIRA tracker for existing open defects, community requests,resolutions and feature requests:

Bug Reports, Feature Requests, And Support

Send email to Application Support to request technical support.

To report a bug or request a new feature, refer to Report a defect or make a feature request for caIntegrator.

See the JIRA tracker for existing open defects, community requests,resolutions and feature requests:

Documentation and Files

Links to all documentation and files can be found on the caIntegrator Documentation wiki page.

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