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The following table lists and describes each public caIntegrator study and provides comma-separated files with overview information, the data dictionary, and the study search results. There are also links to the ftp site for any associated caArray experiments.

Study NameDescriptionOverview (.csv)Data Dictionary (.csv)Study Search Results (.csv)FTP Site(s) for caArray Experiment(s)
Molecular Dissection of Colon CancerRNA expression data generated as part of a colon cancer study.OverviewData DictionaryAll Data notte-00422
DC Lung StudyA large, training, test, multi-site, blinded validation study characterized the performance of several prognostic models based on gene expression for 442 lung adenocarcinomas.



Data DictionaryAll Data jacob-00182
ISPY 1 Trial DataThe I-SPY 1 study evaluated complete pathologic response and tumor volume change.


Data DictionaryAll Data exp-597
Mouse AstrocytomaThe study combined imaging and preclinical information for mouse models of high grade astrocytoma.OverviewData Dictionary

All Data

Mouse Patient Only

 No data


The REpository for Molecular BRAin Neoplasia DaTa study.OverviewData DictionaryAll Data


SDSUS StudyThe MRI study.OverviewData DictionaryAll Data No data
TARGET-ALLThe Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) study focused on genomics tools to rapidly identify potential therapeutic targets in childhood cancers.OverviewData DictionaryAll Data willm-00140
TCGA-GBMThe Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) study created a comprehensive atlas of the genomic changes involved in more than 20 common types of cancer.OverviewData Dictionary

All Data

Drug Data Only

Examination Data Only

Patient Data Only

Radiation Data Only

Surgery Data Only






TCGA-RadiologyThe TCGA Radiology study represents a small cross-section of genotype, phenotype, and clinical data from the larger TCGA study.OverviewData Dictionary

All Data

Imaging Observations Data Only

Patient Data Only






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