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To edit a publication

  1. Perform a publication search, as described in Searching for Existing Publications.
  2. From the search results, click Edit in the Actions column.
  3. From the Edit Publication page, edit the following information as needed.

    Publication Criteria


    Publication Type*

    Review the type of publication in the drop-down list.

    The criteria displayed varies depending on the Publication Type that you select.

    Publication Status*

    In the drop-down list, review the status.

    PubMed ID

    PubMed ID (can be a hyperlink). Once you enter the ID, the other appropriate data fields on this form, such as Title, Journal, Authors, etc., are automatically populated. You can enter keywords and description, however, to override the text from PubMed.

    If you remove the PubMed ID, the related data fields are cleared.

    Digital Object ID

    Appropriate DOI.


    Enter text for the title of a publication. 


    Journal in which publication occurs.

    Year of Publication

    Year of the publication.


    Volume of the publication

    Start/End Page

    Page range for the publication


    To add an author to the publication, click Add. In the panel, enter the Last Name, First Name, and Initials of the author. Confirm that you have read and understood the following message. Click Save

    Enter only public business-related contact information into these fields (such as institutional points of contact used in public publications). Do not add private contact information here, as this information will be made available to the public viewing the system. The system will contact you yearly, via the email address you provide, to ask if you would like to correct, update, or delete this information. If you would like to update it earlier, contact us via

    To edit an author, click Edit, make changes to the name, and click Save. The changes are saved.

    To remove an author, click Edit next to the author's name, and click Delete in the panel. 


    Enter one or more logical terms that can be used to find the publication. Enter one term per line.


    Enter a description for the publication.

    Research Category

    Check (or review) the Research Category relevant to the publication.

    To select multiple categories, you can Shift-click or Ctrl-click.

    Enter File URL

    Select Upload or Enter File URL.

    1. If you select Upload: Click Choose File. Browse and select the publication (up to 30 MB). 
    2. If you select Enter File URL: Enter the URL where the publication is located.

    Sample Name

    There are two options to add samples to a publication.

    Enter one sample name per line in the Sample Name box.


    Click Search Samples and a list of samples appears in a list box. Select one or more samples. To select multiple samples, you can Shift-click or Ctrl-click. Click Select, and the selected samples are added to the Sample Name box.

    Access to the Publication

    For more information, refer to Sharing a Publication with a User or Group or Making a Publication Public.
  4. When you are done editing the publication, click Submit.

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