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Publications Search Results display sorted by Creation Date with information appropriate for the publication type.

The following table lists and describes the Publications Search Results columns.

Publications Search Results ColumnsDescription

Click View in the first column to display the publication abstract and information on the PubMed web site.


Edit is only available for people that have an account and are logged into the system and are associated with the publication.

Click Add to Favorites to add a bookmark for the publication on your My Favorites. When the system has successfully added the publication to your favorites, the Added to Favorites message appears in the column.

Bibliography Info

Lists bibliography information about the publication and provides a link to the publication abstract at


The publication category you selected when you created the report.

Research Category

The research category you selected when you created the document. 

Associated Sample Names

Names of sample(s) associated with the publication

DescriptionClick View to display a popup with a complete description of the Publication.


Review the status.


Date the publication was submitted

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