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Release Notes

 For technical information about bug fixes and improvements, see the caNanoLab 2.3, 2.3.2, and 2.3.3 release notes.

The following are caNanoLab 2.3.3 changes.

  • Button sizing, color, and spacing are now consistent across all pages in the application.
    Such as:


  • In the Sample->Characterization→Data and Conditions segment, if you add a column to the matrix with Column Type, Datum, you can add up to three cell viability Column Names: cell viability, cell viability B, and cell viability C.
    cell viability, B, and C Column Namesss

    To further identify the column, select a Column Type or add a new one with other. The type appears in parentheses after the column name.

    For example, select Column Type, Datum, Column Name, cell viability, and Column Value Type, mean, and the column name is saved as cell viability (mean) as shown below.
    cell viability (mean) column name

  • In the Sample->Characterization→Data and Conditions segment, when you add values to each row of the matrix, you can preface each value with one of the following:  Maintain the default, equal to (=), or select greater than (>), less than (<), or infinity (approximate).

  • The Elsevier link for caNanoLab now returns a caNanoLab logo if the publication has linked samples in the caNanoLab database. If not, caNanoLab sends a transparent one pixel image. See the caNanoLab FAQ for details.

The following are caNanoLab 2.3 updates.

caNanoLab Home Page | caNanoLab User's Guide
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