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Using this optional method of installing a LexEVS Local Runtime you can avoid going through the GUI install steps. This is particularly useful if you have multiple servers upon which you would like to install a LexEVS Local Runtime with very similar components. This install mechanism does not replace the need to configure and test a LexEVS Local Runtime just as you would if installed using the GUI installer.




1. Download the latest version of the Local Runtime GUI install package (you may already have this from previous installs) and the latest command line install configuration XML file from the right. The location you have chosen to save this on your computer will be referred to as the SAVE_DIRECTORY.


Access to the downloads does not require an account. If you are having trouble downloading files then you may need to disable pop-up blockers or check any firewall settings at your site.

GUI Installer for LexEVS Local Runtime
A single download package with everything you need to install the Local Runtime in a graphical user environment. This package includes the local runtime client and dependency JAR files listed in this table.

LexEVS Local Runtime Jar
If you need the Local Runtime client, a JAR file with the LexEVS classes only can be found in {LEXEVS_HOME}/runtime-components/lexbig.jar. The core runtime, LexEVS API, loaders, and administrative utilities are included. Ships with the GUI installer.

LexEVS Local Runtime 3rd Party Dependencies
Includes code from other open source projects required by the LexEVS API. Available in the installer in the runtime-components/extLib directory after installation.

LexEVS Local Runtime Command Line Install
An XML file allowing the user to install in a command line environment. This file can be generated by the GUI installer or downloaded here:

LexEVS Local Runtime Release Notes
A list of resolved issues and enhancements provided in the major release.
LexEVS Release Notes

2. Edit the following file to configure the components to be installed.


<installpath> can be modified to any location of your choice. The components "Product Information" and "Runtime and Administration Toolkit" are required. Remove lines in the configuration file for those components that you do not want to be installed. By default, the file is configured to install all packages.

Configuration file shown in an editor.

3. At a command prompt change to the SAVE_DIRECTORY:


Then enter the command:

java -jar LexEVS-install-{version}.jar LexEVS-install-config-{version}.xml

...where version is the version you downloaded.
For example:

java -jar LexEVS-install- LexEVS-install-config-

Command prompt showing completed installation without a GUI.

When these steps have completed then configure and test your LexEVS Local Runtime.