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Trials are categorized by type of Data Table 4 Funding Sponsorship or Trial Submission Category (study source).  

  • Complete Trials:
    • National: NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) and other NIH-supported National Trial Networks.
    • Externally Peer-Reviewed: R01s, SPORES, U01s, U10s, P01s, CTEP, or any other clinical research study mechanism supported by the NIH or organizations on this list: Organizations with Peer Review Funding Systems.
    • Institutional: In-house clinical research studies authored or co-authored by Cancer Center investigators and undergoing scientific peer review solely by the Protocol Review and Monitoring System of the Cancer Center. The Cancer Center investigator has primary responsibility for conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the clinical research study and reporting results.
      • It is acceptable for industry and other entities to provide support (such as drug, device, or other funding), but the trial should clearly be the intellectual product of the center investigator.
      • This category may also include:
        • Institutional studies authored and implemented by investigators at another Center in which your Center is participating.
        • Multi-Institutional studies authored and implemented by investigators at your Center. (Note: National and externally peer-reviewed studies should be listed with those categories, not as Institutional studies.)
  • Abbreviated Trials:
    • Industrial: A pharmaceutical company controls the design and implementation of these clinical research studies.

Keep in mind the following points about the entities in CTRP that represent NCI-designated Cancer Centers:
  • A CTRP organization family represents an NCI-designated Cancer Center family of organizations. For brevity, this guide refers to this entity as a Cancer Center family, a Cancer Center, or an organization family.
  • A CTRP organization that is a member of a Cancer Center family is considered a Cancer Center organization. For brevity, this guide refers to this entity as a Cancer Center organization.

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