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When organizing your wiki space, keep in mind the following points:

  • Keep related content together in page families. In each page family, put more general information in the parent page and more specific information in the child pages.
  • Consider organizing your content by audience. For example, consider the DME User Guide, which describes how to use a web application called DME:
    • Most of the content is for non-admin DME users. There is no need to identify the audience for this content. 
    • This space also has two page families for DME administrators. One is view-restricted for internal system administrators and the other is unrestricted for both external and internal group administrators. 
    • Yet another page family is visible only to administrators of this wiki space. This "Content Visible to Administrators" page family includes pages such as: 
  • Consider creating a page family just for Include pages. If you want the included content to be visible to all wiki users, then keep this page family also visible to all wiki users. The space root is a good place to create this page, because the page will not interfere with navigation in the space. For information, refer to Including the Content of a Page on Another Page
  • Consider using a Page Tree macro to provide a site map of the wiki space. 
  • Consider whether a Recently Updated page, with the Recently Updated macro, would be useful only to space administrators, or to all visitors. For information, refer to Attracting Attention to Recent Updates
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