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Welcome to the caNanoLab 2.1 Release Note. Topics in this Release Note include:

Release History



2.1October 2015
2.0December 2014
1.5.5May 2013


August 2012


May 2012


October 2010


May 2010


October 2009

November 2008


August 2008


June 2008


January 2008


October 2007


September 2007


May 2007


April 2007


January 2007


June 2006

Release notes for Release 1.5.3, Release 1.5.4, Release 1.5.5, and Release 2.0 are on this wiki. Release notes for release 1.5.2 and prior can be found on the GForge project files tab archive

New Features and Updates

  • CANANOLAB-101     Implement a myWorkspace feature
  • CANANOLAB-102     Implement a myFavorites feature   
  • CANANOLAB-109     Change the location of the workflow diagram and data submission video
  • CANANOLAB-110     Implement a Google-like search   
  • CANANOLAB-170     Delete from MyWorkspace and view shared data    
  • CANANOLAB-171     Remove Struts from Advanced Search Page
  • CANANOLAB-174     Remove Struts from the Collaboration Group Section      
  • CANANOLAB-176     Improve Performance of the MyWorkspace Query 
  • CANANOLAB-177     Improve Performance of the Sample Search Query  
  • CANANOLAB-205     Update Image on Tab for Browser
  • CANANOLAB-263     Update the link for the submission video
  • CANANOLAB-274     CSM Upgrade - System allows users to reset password
  • CANANOLAB-286     Update Link to Training Video on caNanoLab FAQ
  • CANANOLAB-288     Re-implement Exporting Data from Advanced Search

  • CANANOLAB-292     Convert caNanoLab to use RDBMS login module
  • CANANOLAB-301     Rename the Nano Hubs quick link to “NCIP HUB”

Technical Stack Updates

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

  • CANANOLAB-187     IE Defect: Copy to other samples with the same primary organization? List box size needs to be fixed.    
  • CANANOLAB-188     IE Defect: The system is unable to display Nanomaterial entity submitted data.    
  • CANANOLAB-191     Functionalizing Entity: Submission successful confirmation message needs to be corrected.    
  • CANANOLAB-193     IE Defect: The system is unable to display Chemical Association submitted data.    
  • CANANOLAB-201     Submit Samples: Access select box does not populate/edit name consistently. 
  • CANANOLAB-206     Finding Info section does not populate constant down the column (like production).    
  • CANANOLAB-207     Findings data is not returned by the application - displays n/a for all fields.    
  • CANANOLAB-208     Finding Information section does not let the user swap the order of the columns.    
  • CANANOLAB-209     MyWorkspace publication section displays the break character.
  • CANANOLAB-273     Convert caNanoLab logo to an image.
  • CANANOLAB-277     Special characters are not encoded correctly.
  • CANANOLAB-281     System is displaying the user first name and last name encrypted when user searches access information.

  • CANANOLAB-293     Investigate 508 Vulnerabilities Found in Production Release (2.0).

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • CANANOLAB-61 - Multiple points of contacts issue.
    • Workaround: When submitting a different address for the same organization, users should change the name of the organization (e.g. include division or department name in the organization name).
  • CANANOLAB-71- New option “Sample Name/contains” is not working correctly for some queries.
    • Workaround: User can use “Sample Name/equals” option.   
  • CANANOLAB-81 - Results tab is populated when curator/admin submits batch job to create data availability matrix and disappears if curator/admin log out and login again even the job is still running.
  • CANANOLAB-84 - Advanced search returns the same result if use "AND" or "OR" option with Sample criteria + Composition criteria.
    • Workaround: User can perform two searches instead of using "OR" option.
  • CANANOLAB-85 - Back button on Curation/Review Data Pending Release to Public/Edit does not work properly. This issue can be seen by curators only.
  • CANANOLAB-197 - The system is unable to reset the user access control section on the submit publication form when user click on the reset button (only happens for some IE9 configurations).
  • CANANOLAB-238 - IE Only - System unable to display uploaded file name (IE9 only).
  • CANANOLAB-367 - User unable to sort protocol search results with protocol type and protocol name column header.
  • CANANOLAB-368 - User needs to select link twice to view external PubMed content via the DOI external url (or open the link in new window with the right click mouse option).


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