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LexEVS Service Clients to be Able to Consume HTTPS Enabled Services

  • All LexEVS 6.4.1 Services will only be available via HTTPS protocols.
    • LexEVS 6.4.1 services will run under SSL protocol level TLSv1.
  • These services will feature third party approved certificates.
  • RMI clients accessing the LexEVS services will need to be updated.

Services Affected:

  • LexEVS Remote API
  • LexEVS CTS2 Services
  • URI Resolver



All Client references to HTTP URL's should be updated to HTTPS versions

LexEVS Remote API

  • LexEVS Remote (Also known as distributed) RMI clients will need to add or replace the following jars to the class path to to support HTTPS updates for 6.4.1
  • Combined with updating service URLs to any HTTPS services this should allow processing of valid certificates and failure on self-signed or otherwise invalid certificates by RMI Clients.

CTS2 Service


  • The URI Resolver is not considered a public REST API, but it will be switching to HTTPS as well. 

Service Related Issues:





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