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If you want two wiki pages to display the same content, consider linking from one page to another, or using an Include page, rather than copying the content from one page to another. For information on using an Include page, refer to Including the Content of a Page on Another Page. Copying may be acceptable when preparing drafts for review before release, or when a new page needs similar content (not the same content) as an existing page.

You can copy a single page or a page family. 

When copying a single page, keep in mind the following known issues:

To make each copied page useful, you must do the following:

  • Change the page title to something more meaningful than "Copy of <original page name>". 
  • Ensure all the links from the copied page open the intended targets. For example, if you are copying a family of pages, edit the links so they open pages with the new page titles, rather than the original pages.
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