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The following topics introduce you to the caNanoLab portal and describe each chapter in the online User's Guide.

Visibility of options

When you log in, the options available to you depend on your caNanoLab user role and permissions. For details, refer to caNanoLab User Roles.

Getting Started in caNanoLab

Overview and instructions to start using the caNanoLab portal.

Performing a caNanoLab Keyword Search

Perform a keyword search across the caNanoLab database.

Managing Protocols in caNanoLab

Search for existing protocols, create a new protocol, and submit a protocol for review for public access.

Managing Samples in caNanoLab

Search for existing samples, create a new sample, and submit a sample for review for public access. You can also Annotate new samples.

Managing Sample Composition Annotations

Display and enter composition information for nanomaterial entities, functionalizing entities, and chemical associations, as well as editing composition annotations.

Managing Sample Characterizations

Display and enter physico-chemical, in vitro and in vivo characterization information for samples, as well as edit characterization annotations.

Managing Publications in caNanoLab

Search for sample publications, create a new publication, or submit a publication for review for public access.

Managing Collaboration Groups

Curator only:  Create and manage collaboration groups which allow researchers to share data among members of the group.

Managing Data Curation

Curator only:  Review items pending public release and generate sample data metrics in a batch.

Using My Workspace

Review the samples, protocols, and publications that you saved or are associated with your log in.

Using My Favorites

Review the samples, protocols, and publications that you bookmarked for easy access.

Managing caNanoLab User AccountsAdmin only:  Add and edit users.
caNanoLab Glossary

caNanoLab-relevant terms used in this guide.

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