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This NBIA 7.1 General Availability (GA) Installation Guide provides you with the instructions to install and configure a fresh NBIA 7.1 GA application. The NBIA installation configures a pre-installed Tomcat application server and creates an NBIA-specific schema within a pre-existing database on a preinstalled MySQL server. NBIA only supports MySQL. LDAP is the only authentication method that is supported.

Directions are given in this document for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

NBIA User Guide

To learn how to use NBIA, refer to the NBIA Radiology Portal User's Guide.

Overview of NBIA Installation

The process for installing NBIA includes the following tasks, which are described in this document:

  1. Download and install the required software.
    1. Install Java SE Development Kit 8.
    2. Install Apache Ant.
    3. Install and configure MySQL.     
    4. Install and configure Tomcat 7.x.
  2. Set the environment variables.
    1. Set and verify Java SDK 8 environment variables.
    2. Set and verify Apache Ant environment variables.  
  3. Configure the MySQL database.
  4. Download NBIA distribution files.
  5. Install NBIA or upgrade NBIA.
  6. Configure the CTP Server.
  7. Create an LDAP account for the NBIA installation.
  8. Configure Tomcat servers and MySQLserver to run as a service.    
  9. Start NBIA

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