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Java 17
  • Migration to Java 17
    • Terms browser jenkins/Tomcat working on Dev
      • QA - email communications.  Need ticket?
    • CTS2 build/Jenkins working.
      • Tomcat has longstanding issues - VM tracker running
      • Has few users - maybe retire entirely
    • NCIm work nearly ready
      • Local copy working pretty well, couple glitches
      • Next step is to get it on Dev
    • NCI Term Form - Check for Java 17 tag. Might be fixed, needs testing
      • Need Jenkins path for new tomcat - ticket escalated last week, no action yet
  • Will work on services one at a time on Dev and QA
    • Will send to new Stage and Prod
    • Will cutover when all finished
  • Ask for admin meeting this week?
  • Tomcat 9 is a priority, might need to sever from Java 17?
    • Some changes in Tomcat 9 were incompatible with current browser
    • 1 or 2 library files would need to be manually altered.

  • Chasing ehcache temp bean jar creation
    • Normal behavior, but all files should be deleted when application shuts down/restarted
    • Claims files cant be used or processed - loading files fails. 
    • Kicks off at same time as commonValueSetsUtils. Does a hash of all value sets
    • ehcache updated as part of Spring 5 update
    • Heap Dump file might be useful during startup to see what is being loaded onto stack
      • onchange() no longer hooked up for managing process, since no longer loading during serving
      • Could be adding a lot of pressure on environment to build it all during startup
      • Could new OS be handling the stacks differently?
      • Corretto - outside chance this is an issue, but we think it not likely

Production NCI Terms
  • issues on Prod
    • Now blocking all traffic from Singapore
    • Still seems like a whack-a-mole approach
    • Chuck requested programming examination of errors
      • needs response
  • Mapping versions are null
    • Code solution provided by Kim in email. Still needs incorporated
    • Include as part of Java 17 work?
  • Prod 2/Java 17 could help with GC

They have initiated tracking on this server. F5 Analytics has been enabled, will monitor to see what kind of data is produced.

System migration
  • Prod and Stage completed Testing
  • DataQA - no longer needed with retirement
  • Will install tomcat 9 and Java 17
  • Check with systems - See if we can test prod2 data deployment

SumoLogic to DataDog
  • All logs reporting
  • Working on Dashboards and reports
  • Testing refresh from archive
  • Attempting to import logs from Jan 1, 2024 onward

Tier changes

DataQA updates no longer needed

Processing server
  • Looking at update of Java
  • OS Updated


Jenkins sync now fixed

Code fix for mapping versions ready, needs to be incorporated and put on Dev

Mayo contract ending
  • Mayo Contact ends August 30
  • LexEVS associated applications - end Dec 31st
  • Gap Analysis for cloud based applications
  • Checklist of tasks
  • Data promotion process - only to EVS Rest API - SOP updates
  • Term Suggestion application - being handled in next release of EVS Explore
  • Add redirections to LexEVS based services
    • Banners first
    • Work with systems for URL redirections
  • Inventory of any supporting sites/docs 
  • Examine any updates to metrics
  • Map of services under new structure
  • Update/document processing applications and scripts
    • Will require handoff
  • Meeting 10AM on Friday

Action items